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Astrological reader/astrologer provides astrological readings for you - in combination with cards & angels, you receive in-depth answers (psychic astrology) to your questions. Other Specialties  
About My Services

In all of my readings I am able to provide answers to all of your questions, relating to all aspects of life: work, family, love, health, home, etc.
Looking at your astrological natal birth chart as well as using cards and messages from the angelic realms, you'll be receiving in-depth answers to your questions.

I have been doing psychic readings using astrology as well as my ad hoc intuition (by means of Claircognizance) for some time now and my clients are very happy with the results and my honest but caring disposition. Clients are always rather amazed how accurately I can pinpoint past and present situations/events and emotions.
I can also have a look at the astrological charts of people involved, to give you an even deeper understanding for your question/person you ask about.

My mission statement is:
To provide individual focused guidance, applying experiences of a variety of fields of knowledge:
astrology, past life astrology, karma astrology, angelic realms, card spreads (lenormand cards, oracle cards, angel of light cards), psychology, (water) crystals, numerology, universal laws.
Hence all my work is done and provided with very much a broadened horizon.
Anyone using my services, will benefit from this.

Thank you for trusting in me.

Experience & Qualifications

-for many years working in the fields of astrological interpretation, psychic readings, angel readings -
providing customers with advice by means of phone, skype, email, chat, -- within my own company.
-for many years working on various hotlines as a psychic reader,
providing phone, chat and email advise, as well as life coaching
-for many years (14 years) also working as a private psychologist in my own company.


BA Hons (Psychology)