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Many of my in person clients would get upset when I showed up the first time, and sat down to talk before we started the consult. They thought "I paid for an hour and you want to sit and talk on MY time?" I would explain to them that I don't charge for the time we spend sorting out what questions we ask. I also don't believe in charging for the time it takes to focus the consult and lay the spread. Online I conduct my consults as close to my in person consults as can be. When you first come in, we introduce ourselves, and move on to how I can help you. I don't mind taking the time BEFORE we start, to make sure we ask the best question of the cards. Often people have more then one question that is no less important. But instead of asking one spread to answer both questions, it is best to ask one question of each spread. Sometimes you might have more then one question which actually can be answered better by refining it to one simple question. I don't mind how long this process takes. If it takes two minutes so be it. If it takes twenty minutes, I don't mind. My grandmother used to tell me to "Think twice and speak once." Make sure you know WHAT your doing BEFORE you DO it. Once we have sorted out your true question, we focus the consult. I ask you to tell me when to begin shuffling, while you calmly focus on your question for at least 15 seconds. This is as close to an in person consult, where you would be shuffling the deck yourself, as we can get online. I will cut the deck and spread the entire consult. Depending on the question, there are times when I can just look at the spread an tell we have a clear focus. Other times I might ask several questions to make sure we DO have a clear focus. Once I am SURE we do have a clear focus, THAT is when I will ask you directly to hit hire (For those that are using the free minutes promo, I am sorry but you will start to pay as soon as the free minutes are used up as that promo is on an auto timer.). After I start the consult, please remember that I am looking at the cards and the keys, not the screen. You can type in any questions you like, but I wont answer them until I look up from time to time. I don't jump around, don't ask me to, I also don't change my style of consulting. I have done this for 45 years and have found my way IS the best way. If you can not understand that the past provides the foundation that any present OR future actions rests on. Then trust me you wont understand anything else I have to say to you either. Please go find someone else. I also ask that you have at least enough to receive the entire consult in one session. I takes at least 15 minutes to relate a consult thru typing. This way if you have any questions you can ask them an have your answers all in one place. I treat all of my clients with respect and dignity all the time, I expect the same in return. I will not hesitate to block rude or otherwise inconsiderate clients. An I don't unblock clients once they have been blocked. I put a great deal of energy an information into each of my consults. Sometimes clients have to go back and reread everything. As I go as fast as I can, to make sure we aren't wasting YOUR money and MY energy. I don't mind replying to emails to clear up any RELATED questions you might have after rereading the consult.

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I strive to provide as close to an in person consult as can be had online. We have a voice chat option ( Which has to be set up before hand if you wish to conduct future consults in this manner please inform me during our live chat consult or thru a email prior to entering into a chat an I will have the service set up for you.) here which several clients have mentioned that they don't like, because they don't provide a transcript of the consult. I personally WILL provide you with a WMA file of all voice consults done with me. I Have purchased a high quality digital voice recorder which allows me to record both sides of our voice consults. I will send it to your email as soon as we complete a voice consult. As well as save a copy for my own records so we can review progress. For 45 years I have helped in person clients with all manner of questions, including Dating Interactions, Marital Relationships an Emotional Attachments.