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I am a psychic, a guide, and an advisor including delving into past life issues and "near death" experiences. I am straightforward and to the point and will tell you the truth Other Specialties  
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My psychic intuition became apparent as a child and has been honed over the years. Let me be your guiding light in these uncertain times. *Expert advice in real estate, love matters, health, children and parenting, employment issues, addictions, bereavement, and all other life situations. I only work with my established client base and through this site. Come to me with your problems, indecisions, worries, and for clarity on how to proceed in situations. I am able to "see" and "feel" what you are dealing with even if you do not feel comfortable verbalizing everything to me. You will not need to. I will know. The more you open up with me, however, the more receptive I am and the more precise I am in my readings. As I stated in my brief description, I am straightforward and to the point and will tell you the truth. I will not tell you what you want to hear but what I "see" and "feel". If that is what you're looking for, please contact me. If you just want someone to tell you what you want to hear, then I am not your advisor and you should consult others.

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic advisor and mentor for over 30 years. Established client base with many repeat clients who have consulted with me for many years.


I obtained an AAS in nursing and then went on to take advanced courses such as laying on of the hands. I have had a number of patients who had "near death" experiences and had the opportunity to explore those experiences with them.