About My Services

I am a past life regression and meditation expert. Since the age of fourteen I have been hosting seminars to teach people how to meditate and the importance of meditating to achieve enlightenment. Meditation can help you discover your true self spiritually, deal with stress and guide you to the pathways that are right for you. Let me help and guide you to a world of change and progress to be what you truly want to thru success, love, career, marriage, home life, and much more. A few moments with me and I will teach you with the vast knowledge I have acquired about meditation. I can also meditate for you while in live chat to channel positive energies in the right direction. This can bring lovers to you, help you with business deals and more.

Experience & Qualifications

I have read for over 4,500 clients and have conducted innumerable readings. I have been reading the tarot since age 9 and reading professionally since age 11.