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e-mail Cathy Crystal! For over 40 years I Channel w/the Universe w/Psychic ToolsGraphology my handwriting analysis is used w/ my IPsychic/Clairvoyant skills. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Graphology readings that I use are Psychic, and also analytical. I have corporate experience with hiring, relationship graphology, Detective work experience, I also use a combination of Crystals, Astrology, and numerous Tarot/Archetype Symbols. My readings are informative, channeled, and caring. The combination of tools that I use have been compiled and self taught Psychically since 1963, at the age of three. I am a Kokopelli of Native American and English descent. Allow me to guide and help you facilitate your daily influences and tune you into your own self-knowledge and self-love. Learn about your past, present and future... All in the "now." Topics that we may cover are Love and Channeling, Visualization, Meditation, Reiki, Synchronicity, The Elements, The Planets, Archetype Symbols, Finances, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Chakras, Crystals, Healing, Travel, Animal and Pet Readings, Medical Astrology, Psychic Real Estate, Mediumship, Remote viewing, Dream Therapy, Astral Projection, Lost Objects, Missing People/Pets.

Experience & Qualifications

Growing up with music and crystals, I was schooled by the universe with the best tools for Psychic Development beginning at the age of 3. I have taught over 1000 metaphysics classes with students all over the world. My yearly individual readings average over 1000 as well. My experience within a group situation is diversifed and I have read on some sessions over 300 people in one evening. My work is for all ages and all pets/animals. This is my full time job for 12 years, with part time work as a Psychic Reader before that spanning my expertise over 4 decades. I have traveled extensively and read over 50 books annually within this metaphysics subject. My readings are unique, ethical, with my own style. My radio, seminar and television appearances are numerous with great support from my clients and peers.


Berklee College of Music, Composition, Piano, Flute, Voice, Univeristy of Metaphysics, International Metaphysical Ministry. Metaphysics Masters Teacher for classes for the last 12 years on numerous subjects.