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Amplify and circulate sexual energy. I teach solo Taoist tantra by phone. These powerful techniques put YOU in charge of sexual energy instead of you being at its mercy. Other Specialties  
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Be prepared for up to 30-minute calls for your first two lessons. First you will learn how to gather the energies of the earth, heavens and cosmos in your body and send them around your "energetic super highway." It's easier than it sounds because chi goes where the will sends it; however it is technical and detailed.

As an empath I can sense if you have blocks anywhere on the "highway" and help you clear them. Once you've mastered circulating energy, then we add the energy of your sexual center.

Taoist tantra permits you to delay and therefore intensify orgasm. Men experience how to orgasm without ejaculating, which lengthens the years you remain sexually vigorous; the Taoist masters of old learned that ejaculation is the primary waste of chi for men (not women).

Experience & Qualifications

My training in relationship dynamics and in working with divine energies includes:

  • Certified clairvoyant, Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts school;
  • Associate Instructor of the Healing Tao, certified in 1997;
  • Nine Gates Mystery School, 1994 graduate;
  • Training in Reiki and massage;
  • Profound personal sexual healing using Taoist meditation, energy healing, massage, Reiki, channeling, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture and Chinese Five Elements theory.
  • Post-graduate study in Murray Bowen's Family Systems Theory
  • Several years in private Bowen-based psychotherapy learning to stop giving up self in relationships, workplaces and other systems.
  • Other

    B.A. with honors in journalism and political science. Master's program classwork in sociology.

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