Jade Ashcroft

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Life path readings using the Qabbalah. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Find out where your strengths lie what to expect in the next year... how to use occult influences to your Advantage

Experience & Qualifications

Ten years experience with Tarot and kabbalah reading. Practicing Initiate of the Golden Dawn. I program meditation Music, and construct guided meditation Cd's, amd Interactive Dvd's for anyone interested in learning Tarot and Qabballah. I Have also designed a set of Tarot cards and an interactive CD to learn the Way of the Initiate.


10 years experience with tarot and qabbalah Level 1, level 2, & masters degree in Usui Reiki. Level 1 & level 2 in Seichim Egyptian healing HND in Music technology & HND in Graphic Design and communication.