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Back after a long absence - special pricing for 2015 - I look forward to working with you
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Psychic Readings with Integrity, Accurate and Honest

Since the age of 13 my voracious appetite for astrology and all things spiritual have propelled me into to a life-long study of the spiritual realm. I do not do ordinary sun-sign astrology, I merely ask your first name and date of birth and tune into the vibration of that date. Remember that each individual is a vibration, akin to being your own universe, you carry your own history, talents, spirit, and energy. I use Tarot Cards to confirm my feelings.

I do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy. No one can claim that. I ask that you keep in mind while receiving a reading from me or any other reader, that when you are being given information it is the current energy you are putting forth. If you are calm and open without expectation of an outcome you will surely have a pleasant experience.

If you decide to have a reading with me, please be prepared to hear the truth. I will not lie or give false hope. I do not sugar coat what I receive from the universe, I remain a channel for the information that comes through me. I know, from my own experience, that the more open one is for information, the clearer the message. I offer guidance and clarity on many levels and in most areas, but more often than not, I find what comes through me is validation of what you already know in your heart. If I do not tune into you, I will not waste your time or your money.

I have recently run into many people coming to me and not hiring after there is a positive connection to the situation at hand. My new policy is as follows. I will no longer give more than a few minutes into the reading for a connection. I will lower my price for sincere and returning clients.

Experience & Qualifications

Accurate, Honest Psychic Readings, Education and Training

I put myself through traditional college doing readings and teaching classes for a small book store, as well as running my own business via telephone, in-person parties and email. I have taken extended classes on the symbolic meanings of the tarot cards, Astrology for love relationships, and continue to expand my knowledge in the area of energy healing, psychic mediumship and cultivating compassion.

This is how I work here at Live Person:
I ask that you do not press hire immediately, as I do not claim to TUNE IN to everyone. If you feel I have connected to your situation, only then do I ask that you press hire so that we may continue.

I conduct my readings with professionalism, confidentiality and integrity. If I cannot "tune into you" I will not waste your time. That I stand by. Blessings and peace always.


Honest, Accurate Psychic Readings Member of the American Tarot Association, Member of American Federation of Astrologers, Reiki I, II, and III, BA Liberal Arts