About My Services

I am a spiritually connected person who refuses to judge the relationship choices people make. Some religions do not approve of gay/lesbian relationships because they where not meant by "God". I believe that God wants us to love all, love one another, and be happily in love - if you find that special someone, you are lucky, and you both are meant to come together through the hands of God. Therefore I'd be happy to read into your same sex relationship. No worries! I will not pass judgment, or tell you that you are doing something "evil" or your same sex relationship is the source of the negatives in your life, and the negatives to come. Please feel confident and unembarrassed to contact me. Promises, I will not judge :)

Experience & Qualifications

Over 25 Years Of Experince,I also do readings out of my psychic center in Georgia.I've helped thousands of people in need over the years.People have walked into my shop feeling confused and troubled only to walk out feeling renewed and at peace.


I'm a Licsenced and Certified Psychic Reader and Advisor.