About My Services

Over 35 years experience in Spirituality and religion. You must be at least 25 to use my services due to my state laws. Being single and dating can be both an exciting and challenging time in a person's life. With the age of technology we now have social media and many choices for dating websites to add to our potential in meeting others. My guides and gifts can help you to enter or re-enter the dating scene offering wise and compassionate insight and advice on dating and social skills. Whether a brief romance or perhaps a life partner, it all begins with the first communications or interactions and I can assist you in this process Hello and welcome today. My name is Maya,and I have been blessed with spiritual gifts and have spent a lifetime in developing, understanding and practicing these. Available internationally now through Kasamba. If we have spoken previously under a different screen name, please advise me upon entering my room. I believe in the power of God. I believe that I have been blessed with the opportunity to receive and send messages from Spirit and share with all who seek my counsel. I am able to tune in and read the thoughts, intentions and feelings of others. Any guidance, advice or insight comes from my guides and connection to SPIRIT. I do not judge nor do I give my personal opinion. When you enter my room for a session, I ask that you provide first names, DOB'S and your questions. I prefer that you give very little or no details, as this allows me to validate my connection with you and your situation, past and present. If you enter my room, and openly share your entire situation that is of course your choice, but it will be difficult for me to validate my gifts and abilities. A psychic is not a mind reader but a TRUE should be able to provide details regarding the energy, events, situations or personalities.I believe in addition to our genetic DNA we also have spiritual DNA, and I often work with that higher energy to provide insight and guidance. I believe in personal empowerment, miracles and truth.It is always my intention to serve your greatest good by helping you to be aware of potential obstacles and blocks. I use my various gifts and abilities to share wisdom, insight and guidance so that you are able to find your path to healing and happiness. We all have a unique purpose and with a combination of destiny, fate, Karma and our free will I can assist you in uncovering or revealing your true or highest path. I am able to tune in and read the thoughts, intentions and feelings of others. Any guidance, advice or insight comes from my guides and connection to Spirit. I may decline you as a client if I feel that my assistance or guidance is not suited to your situation. Please accept this as it is intended, to serve your highest path. If I feel that your situation is extremely unlikely, or unrealistic, I will be honest. I am happy to continue in session, if you are open to general guidance, or learning techniques to improve or manifest positive change. If you do not agree with me, then you should always follow your own heart and intuition. No psychic can control outcomes. We all have free will and choice, and can always change our life by changing our choices. I am a medium.I channel not only spirit guided messages, but often the energy of loved ones that have crossed over. I always honor spirit by passing these along. It is always my intention to honor and serve your highest self and path I use a variety of techniques utilizing my connection to spirit. Each reading is customized to your particular issues and needs.

Experience & Qualifications

I do not judge, nor do I give my personal opinion.I am a teacher, mentor, prophet, and advisor~ My readings are powerful, and they often give my clients the insight and tools to reach a more harmonious and joyful way of life.I am very skilled with past lives, Karma, lessons and helping you to accept and believe in your true purpose ~ I am open, honest and truly care about all of my clients. It is my honor to share your life and journey. I do NOT locate missing items including pets. I have been giving professional Psychic readings in private practice and online for over 35 years. I use my connection to my guides and channeling to help my clients find the truth.. No tools, no tricks. Medium, gifted psychic and intuitive counselor. I am a TRUE and a reading with me is unlike any other. I am grateful for many wonderful clients that have truly enriched my life by proving to me again and again the power of the human spirit and soul. If there is ever something you do not quite understand, or needs any clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. I never charge additional fees for understanding the material we covered during a session. I am glad that you found me. It is my honor, and my privilege to serve you today. HONESTY is my ONLY policy. Please be ready to hear the TRUTH. Blessings Maya.


Reiki Master-Teacher Certified Aura Reader Doctorate in Divinity (Accredited Esoteric/Theological institution) Ordained and Licensed Minister Traditional Studies in Psychology, Families in crisis, interpersonal communication and addiction issues.