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I am a channel and clairaudiant and do not use cards. My readings are loving and accurate and it would be my pleasure to assist you. Other Specialties  
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I offer 3-4 question email readings which will be with you within 24 hours maximum. I will need your first name or the first name of anyone you want me to tune. into. i am delighted to read on subjects of love, spiritual development, abundance, career business and general guidance i dont use cards as i hear and see and will be able to give you accurate steps to transform your situation working with only purest energy. About My Services Hi, I'm Sheelagh! I hear and channel the angels. Through an angel reading with me you will not only have a reading, but an angelic healing experience. In addition to answering your questions, your angels will offer you reassurance about your path, or will suggest ways in which you can realign with your souls purpose and improve your life experience. In your angel reading you will receive direct angelic guidance as well as useful tools to energetically kick start your progress. I will start the reading off by tuning into your energy remotely, and I will then open up to the Angelic Realm to directly receive and deliver the messages and insight from your angels to you all of my readings are based on reassurance and we are especially able to assist with love, and spiritual development and matters of abundance and career - my readings are via email and are extremely accurate. I have worked as a spiritual development tutor to clairvoyants all over the world, and teach people to hear and see angels - are you ready to begin a new life filled with magic and possibility, then don't let anything stop you get in touch and allow me and the archangels to help.

Experience & Qualifications

Spiritual Development tutor of clairvoyance/clairdaudiance. I am a Clairaudiant and clairvoyant and remote viewer and I teach people internationally to do this for a living. I am also a mum and have seen a lot of life and understand relationship money and business problems. I have my own guide Running Hawk on hand to give advice and he will ensure you are only given accuracy yet reassuring readings on any subject


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