About My Services

Crystal healing is an ancient practice. Ill health, and mental and emotional discomfort, is often blocked energy in the body. Crystals work with the body at an energy level. Through Crystal healing I would make energy flow freely through your body to help create balance and harmony in the body and release blockages, whether physical, mental or emotional. Most of us at times suffer from small persistent illnesses, unhappiness, emptiness, dissatisfaction and general lack of enthusiasm. These are messages to us about the state of our inner balance, our body telling us to work on ourselves, and get our energy back in balance. With my healing work through crystal deep healing, can help to bring the body back into balance, which helps you in your own healing process. Crystals are valuable aids in helping you to cope with daily life. They can give you support in times of fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma, and other distressing situations. Coupled with your focus and intention, they can be very powerful healing tools.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 9 years experience helping celebrities and individuals through crystal healing process and helped them to enlighten their path through this service of mine. Please contact me with an open mind so I can connect with your energy


Doctrate degree in divinity, B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry and Maths,Psychic, Tarot Reader, Empath, Clairvoyant