About My Services

Hello and welcome, my name is Maya.
I have been born with spiritual gifts and have spent a lifetime in developing, understanding and practicing these. I have been a professional Psychic counselor & Spiritual advisor for over 30 years, working in such places as Chicago, California, Kentucky, Colorado. Due to the technical age we have entered I am now available internationally through Liveperson.


Qualified and experienced with the concepts and teachings of empowerment. Learn to change your life, and reach your potential.

I believe in the power of God. I am an outspoken, empathic reader, an "old world" psychic using only my connection to advise.

I am also able to channel, helping you connect to those who have crossed over.


 What to expect during your reading:

When you first enter my chat room, after welcoming you, I will ask your name and dob. This helps me "tune" in to your situation. I do not use astrology, numerology, cards, runes, etc. If you have a question about a relationship, please advise me you are asking about a man, or woman, and I ask you not to give me their names just yet.

During the first minutes of our reading, I will advise you of things I feel and see around you, past and present. This verifies for me I have a strong connection and is not intended to avoid your question or specific issue. Once we are in hire mode, you may talk as little or as much as you wish, this is YOUR time, and I am at YOUR service.

My connection to the spiritual realm allows me to read the thoughts, emotions and intentions of others. I use these gifts during our reading to help you understand the karmic influence and how it effects our choices and our path. If we can understand our life, or another person, we can often then find acceptance. Acceptance creates balance, balance brings harmony and harmony leads to peace.

I am a teachermentorprophet and advisor.. 


I am open, honest and truly care about all of my clients.
I will not keep you in minutes to serve myself, nor will I EVER say things that I do not truly see and feel. I do not cater to fairytales, but I will always deliver the truth with compassion, strength and faith.

I am here to SERVE you, and YOUR needs. To listen, to advise, to predict and to guide.


****PLEASE DO NOT CLICK HIRE UNTIL I ASK*** (This ensures we have a strong connection first)


** I am no longer accepting requests to find missing items**

Experience & Qualifications

I have been giving accurate Psychic readings in private practice for over 30 years.

I use only my gifts of clairvoyance, empathic, remote viewing, channeling, medical intuitive, empathic, aura reader/healer, energy and light worker, animal communicator, past life readings, angel/guide readings. Manifesting, empowerment, optimism.


I am grateful for many wonderful clients that have truly enriched my life by proving to me again and again the power of the human spirit and soul. If there is ever something you do not quite understand, or needs any clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. I never charge additional fees for understanding the material we covered during a session.

 I am glad that you found me. It is my honor, and my privilege to serve you today.

HONESTY is my ONLY policy. Please be ready to hear the TRUTH

Blessings Maya.




Doctorate in Divinity/Licensed Spiritual Minister/Licensed inter-faith Minister/Reiki student/Certified Aura reader-healer/ College Education; Psychology, families in crisis, counseling, pre-nursing/Karma and life path reader/Ability to read, heal and alter emotional DNA patterns.


Psychic counselor: accurately predicts the future, then uses this information to guide you towards personal growth. Spiritual minister; able to reveal past and present issues and situations which effect our emotions. Using intuitive and spiritual guidance, is able to evaluate positive/negative influences, and offer alternate choices or approaches to regaining balance and personal fulfillment.


NB: You must be 25 to use my service's


Medical intuitive/Past life reader