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if you are a little blue, come and rest under my wing...
About My Services

when was the last time you truly looked at yourself in a mirror? straight into your eyes...

i'm asking because that's what it's going to be like if you choose to go on a virtual journey with me. don't be scared. and if you're feeling blue, you can always rest your head under my wing.

my life path is a 33/6, and my purpose in life is to help people find their OWN way. I love to help. I have an understanding, compassionate, and non-judgemental approach and i strive to give you honnest and accurate information. how weird: my kasamba id# also adds to 33. anyway...

i can't make decisions for you, but i can show you who you are and what's going on around you. my purpose is to help you be who you are.

what? we numerologists believe that everything and everyone vibrates. in fact, each one of us is tuned to a number of vibrations: as you might expect, some people vibrate positively, others negatively, and some, destructively. knowing this, my goal here is to help you harmonize your vibrations.

why? we numerologists believe that life is about PERSONNAL EVOLUTION. If you are at a cross road, a dead end, if you have no idea where you are, whatever the situation, you are probably given a chance to GROW.
Let me shed a bit of numerological light on your path; it's so easy to trip or miss a turn, so easy to get discouraged just when you're about to get there. Let me show you how far you need to go to find that balance.

how? we numerologists believe in FREE WILL. Yes, you can change your destiny! how did it go again? there are things you CAN change. there are things you CANNOT. the thing is to KNOW the difference between the things you can change and the things you can't. which are the vibrations you'd better accept? which ones can you change?

when? we numerologists believe that things happen for a reason. i need you to be sure you are ready, though. otherwise, i would hate to waste my time and your money. so move on, forget about what you just read, go on with your business. if my words stay with you after a few days, months, years, then you might be ready for the service i have to offer. (again, personnal evolution).
so that day, when you feel you want to take your life into your hands, i'll be at your table...

ready to embark on this journey? i like to do it in the form of a 5 e-mail exchange in a week (that's 5 e-mails from me and 5 e-mail from you) for $85. to start this, all i need is your full name (as written on birth certificate) and your date of birth. it is very important that this info is accurate.

here are my suggested prices...

the thing is that i can't do just for the money (or i shall be doomed!!!) so here's what we can do: pay me what ever you would like, as long as it is not $0. feel free to send me loads of money of course, but seriously, even if you cannot afford much today, i take my work and any request very seriously. so here are some suggestions for my work, but i encourage you to pay what you think your question or situation is worth. yes?

so, suggested prices: *for those who need to talk , i offer a 5 e-mails exchanges in one week: $85.
*for a full in depth personality report:$45. this is for anyone who isn't sure what is going on anymore and needs confirmation, directions, or a bit of light on their path.
*full in depth, detailed relationship report:$15. this is self explanatory.
*simple short quick question:*$5-$15.
*1-year monthly forecast: $20. is for the curious minded or those who like to be prepared.


Experience & Qualifications

14 yrs of study: My father was my first numerology teacher. he taught me everything he knows and because of my numerological vibrations, he made me study, study, and study some more. "knowing about the numbers is not enough he used to say... know them. know the numbers."

10+yrs of practice: i first started helping friends and family around me, then it was friends of friends, etc. who came around my house. eventually, i decided to practice over the internet. (mainly e-bay)


2nd generation numerologist.