About My Services

I have been blessed with the gift of sight and an immense understanding of the spiritual aspect of life and because of the responsibility of this gift, I have spent the past decade mastering my abilities through extensive Daily Meditation and Ascension, raising my own vibration so that I could reach out to others.

Through Psychic Readings we can unlock many doors to the mysteries and complexities of life and I would love to be your guide with whatever matter is on your mind, I am very professional, warm, tactful and open-minded and will give advice and insight without any bias or judgment, I am LGBT-Friendly. I just want people to have the best life they can and if the answers I see can bring some light into their world that is all I can hope for.

I'd love for an opportunity to help guide you and offer the clarity and peace that we all need at times.

I employ many different methods to the work that I offer and have helped people with many issues such as but not limited to; Career Guidance, Love and Relationships, Luck and Fortune, Dealing with Stress. and have helped people with their Long-Term Spiritual Expansion using;

  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Prayer-Work
  • Spiritual Cleansing/Healing
  • Energy and/or Aura Clearing
  • Harvesting the Healing and Balancing Properties of Crystals and Elements

Please, allow me to help you to remedy your Spiritual Life and see what a difference it can make in your Physical Life - We all need help and guidance and it is my calling to assist in all matters of Spiritual Well being. There are many answers and opportunities waiting for us that can go overlooked but with some foresight, faith and trust we can overcome the obstacles that can keep us from our genuine path, Put your trust in a real and experienced Mystic for an honest and clear Psychic experience today!

Experience & Qualifications

I've been reading professionally since 2002 - I have worked on many different Phone Networks as well as online through Live-Chat and E-Mail and have participated in County Fairs, Festivals and the like offering my Expertise and have done many In-Person Psychic, Tarot, Runes, Crystal and Palm Readings as well as Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Meditational Coaching to an extensive array of different clients.

I consider myself a Lightworker and try to incorporate the art of Healing and rejuvenation in my readings and teachings. I am a Vegan, Pantheist who has respect for all belief systems and life forces and will not incorporate Dark Magick into my work or provide services that further any negative or Spiritually unhealthy agenda; I will instead teach you how to fight the fears, insecurities and anger that comes through from certain people or situations in your life and help you to offer yourself wholly to the Universe and Path of Light.

  • Psychic Readings Using my Claircognizant(Clear Knowing) Abilities is what I work most with, I provide an indepth Spiritual Outlook on any subject brought up to me with a clear and compassionate answer and reflection - This medium has been very successful to my clients and is generally a "Default" to the session, I also do Crystal Scrying.

  • Tarot Cards and Runecasting are fantastic divination tools, I offer readings that I will meditate on and explain to you what we draw represents and how it reflects in your life, I can do traditional spreads or simply Draw One Card or Cast a Single Rune that would be a response to a subject; I will provide more information on these mediums in Chat.

  • Palmistry tells us about our Destiny, Fate and Purpose in life and how our past corresponds with our present, With a Picture or Scanned Image of both Palms I can provide an in-depth Palm Reading which is great for understanding things about your past and present and this can help discover where you are headed.

  • Meditational Coaching is something I have done for years, I have been doing Transcendental Meditation, Applied Thought and Rule Of Attraction guidance and any advice on Spiritual Ascension, Grounding and can help with a Guided Meditation in Live Chat.

  • Chakra Balancing I am very passionate about, I can help to explain to you how to align your chakras, clear your metaphysical self and use this gateway to enhance your life and focus on whatever outcome you desire.

  • Reiki I have performed on many clients, friends, and even animals; I have added many of my regular clients into my Reiki Healing sessions to send Peace, Love and Harmonious Energy. I have provided Long-Distance Reiki to clients online and can help you to understand and take hold of your own healing abilities.

  • Past-Lives Are very important, I provide Past-Life Readings and Analysis through my own Trance Meditation. This is a great medium for understanding your Karma and make sense of the mistakes or missed opportunities and help you to learn the lessons you need to learn and take the actions that are right for you. This has been very illuminating even in my own life and it can help you reaffirm you own destiny and true purpose in life as well as the state of your spirit.

  • Crystal Healing Is very effective and very nurturing. I can help guide you to understanding what Elements, Colours, Crystals or Materials to balance your metaphysical self and bring about whatever outcome you desire(Love, Success, Luck, Health etc).

I have been helping people for years and plan on continuing to do so as long as my body and ability all


I have been expanding my natural-born gift by many different means;

I have gone through many different Spiritual Trials and Purging, Rebirths and Revelations to perfect my ability and have borrowed from many different Religions and Beliefs from East to West.
I have been doing Transcendental Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Healing Meditation, Reiki Healing, and Wicca as well as applying various Buddhist methods of achieving a more balanced and enlightened spirit.
Mysticism does mean a lot to me and is something I take very seriously.