About My Services

Hi My name is Jocelyn. I have been reading here for nearly 8 years.

The tools I use for my readings are Numerology the Tarot and my psychic abilities I also know where the planets are so will also add their influences to you as these are important.

I will not be available in chat as often as I usually am as I am takng some time off typing readings in this form while I finish my book which I hope to have published early next year.

You can still have a reading with me on the phone or have an email reading which is just as good and enables me to put my time into your answer you get more information as it isnt rushed as your money gets swallowed up.

aif you want an email reading with me it is IMPORTANT that you email me your name and names of those you are asking about

Also your full dates of birth written eg: 7th June 1945

Lastly send me your question not a yes or no answer question exactly. If you need to tell me a little about your situation that is fine just make sure your questions are clear

The price for an email reading is as follows.

$25 will give you a reading on one issue. It will have guidance within it and your question will be answered in full

A monthly outlook reading as well as suggestions to how to get the most out of the month with cost $40

For a yearly forecast on career this will be $50

If you want a compatibility and future reader around the person you are dating or having a relationship with this will be $80

2015 reading in regards to all aspects of your life..Monthly forecasts and a free question answered by email one a month...That is one question answered for FREE $175 I will send you bonus offers via email and keep you informed of progress

So please email or phone me I am here for you

At various times in your life, you’ve probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do. At other times, you've undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and that you can’t find a satisfactory outlet for your capabilities.

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic, Numerologist. Astrologist and Tarot reader and Teacher Reiki master with Couple of decades practical healing experience. I have been reading for many years and pride myself on giving straight to the point answers. I do not sugar coat but read with compassion


2nd Degree Reiki Healer. New Zealand Counselling Diploma. Numerologist