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Quick and to the point Numerology analysis. Old clients pay 3.49 (remind me to lower the rate before pressing hire) Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hi, My name is Paola and I've been reading tarot cards for over 12 years now. Since I was very little I observed the influence numbers had on our lives. I noticed they had a tendency to repeat themselves and later on I started studying various numerology systems. After extensive researching I've been able to perfect my technique and will give you an accurate, not sugar-coated analysis of someone´s personality or even the best gift you can buy for person´s birthday, I will gladly suggest the best dates you can perform important tasks on from setting up a business to getting married. Please be aware that tarot or psychic readings can prove to be more accurate and quicker if what you are looking for is a time frame on a particular situation. I also do these type of readings but I will be answering your questions from a numerological point of view if you call me through this listing unless told otherwise.

Experience & Qualifications

I've had psychic experiences since I was 8 years old, and since the age of 9 I've been using cards. I've also been practicing different kinds of magic and witchcraft and been given many initiations on various schools, such as Wicca and Santeria.


Professional Tarot Reader, High Priestess, 5th degree Mage