About My Services

Based on a reading to evaluate your needs, I can set you up with the proper spell for your needs.

I have nearly 30 years experience with candle, crystal, bath and incense spells for money, love, cleansings, banishings, spiritual healing and protection. Please note, I won't provide anyone with spells for revenge, death, causing illness or to harm in any way.

Also, I feel the spells that work the best are the ones you cast yourself. Therefore, while I can set you up with the proper spell, chances are you are the person who will be casting the spell. However, there are cases where I will cast the spell for you.

I won't sell you something you don't need, or that the cards advice against. Once again, I stress, I won't set you up with anything to harm anyone.

Experience & Qualifications

I'm been reading cards for over 25 years now. I've read for fun and professionally. I'm a practicing Priestess, I practice on the paths of Celtic Magic, Irish Witchcraft and Traditional practices. I have a wealth of knowledge at my disposal which I will always put into practice when aiding my clients with their needs . I've been having psychic visions since childhood that have kept on developing up until this day. I have given many people hope and insight into their lives with blissful and happy outcomes.

I follow a Celtic traditional path, and Can aid you with spell work, removing obstacles and negativity from your life. I can advise on love spells and rituals, career success, luck and much more. I can also provide you with the spells to help in you no matter what the situation, magic is a safe and powerful tool for change and I can help you achieve what you desire and need in your life. Working with and around many people over the years I have developed a compassionate and caring reading style that can help you feel at ease no matter what your situation. There is a solution to every problem, Iam here to help you find it.

I have practiced and followed this path for many years working with psychics and practitioners of magic and witchcraft to help improve the quality of peoples lives for many years. I take time to listen to your concerns first and foremost, which is more important to establish a connection during a reading. I can aid you in many ways spiritually and help with your path to enlightenment. I can give advice regarding all area’s of life and what can be done to improve situations for all everyday problems. I have come from a line of spiritually blessed people including my grandmother who practiced Strega (Italian Witchcraft) and I also draw on my Celtic heritage as well.


I'm an initiated Celtic Witch/Priestess of 25 years.