About My Services

Born as a psychic Medium I am able to see,hear taste and touch what so very few can,from simple readings to healing and spells I am able to tune and feel what other are thinking and or feeling..Using my gifts to help others has been my work for the last several years..taking all of your situation and making since of it all and giving you the tools in which to “make it” through it all…I have helped over thousands of people around the world, through many aspects of there life. I have been Doing Readings for 10 years. I give Spiritual Readings,Psychic Readings, Crystal card Readings , Aura cleansing,chakra balancing,and Angel card Readings!I reunite lovers remove all negativity and obstacles from your path.I will show you the path to happiness and success!!I look forward to helping you!

Experience & Qualifications

17+ Years of the understanding and living with the supernatural.


born gifted and verified my abilities with IPD, Institute of psychic development. I have made it my own personal goal to help guide and direct people in the right direction since the age of 14 I have been using my psychic ability to help lost and lonely people helping them see the light. There are always times when one needs help or feels alone well i can be the one holding your hand during this dark or grim times of your life.