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True psychic insight+ Simple Love Spells.No B.S. Let my honest Afro-Cuban wisdom and psychic visions help you today!
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I do spiritual readings and consultations using santeria tools (shells and coco's). I have years of experience in Cuba.I counsel people in relationships and people in difficult situations. I specialize in spiritual cleansings and natural medicine/herbs from Miami. I give psychic insight to the past, present and future. I also give advise to people on how to change their situations by using natural herbs from the Yoruba religion. Hago registros espirituales, consultas con el caracol y obras espirituales... registros a familiares fuera del pais, ayuda espiritual en relaciones amorosas y de matrimonio ademas de laborales entre otra ceremonias para personas en situaciones dificiles.Ademas, limpiezas y medicina natural de hierbas de Miami.

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12 years of being a Santero/2yrs as Babalawo In my case my entire family in Cuba practices the Yoruba religion. The Yoruba religion originates in Africa and was brought to the New World by African Slaves. Many know this religion as Santeria but it is the Yoruba religion from Nigeria. We practice this religion in Cuba, Brazil, much of the Carribbean, and throughout Latin America I have counseled in private for more than 10 years. 12 anos de experiencia como Santero y 2 de Babalawo En mi caso creci con la religion Yoruba, la religion de Africa que practica en Cuba,Brazil,mucho del caribe y Latin America


Babalawo de Cuba/La Habana, Ordained Yoruba Priest (Hijo de Chango y de Oshun/Hijo de Orula) Yoruba religion/Santeria