About My Services

Exceptional and Genuine Psychic ~ Dedicated to Honesty, Truth and Kindness. Do you need help with family or friends? Love and relationships? Career? Health? Be weary no more. My gifts include: Clairvoyance; Clairestience Tarot Cards; Rune Craft; Astrology; Palm; Numerology; Spell Casting; Spiritual Guidance; Reaching Beyond. I am a Genuine, 5th Generation Psychic and have helped many over the last 20 years with spiritual advice and guidance. I possess remarkable accuracy and detail, and I guarantee nothing less than pure honesty, compassion and respect. As Divination is my Destiny, I am committed to helping others along their path and to provide meaningful advice.

Experience & Qualifications

I have provided advice and guidance, helping others along their path, for over 20 years. Although I am strong in Palm Reading and Advising, I am a blessed Clairvoyant, Pyschic, Clairentience, Spiritual Guide, Tarot Rune Craft, Numerology, devoted to helping others. I have various websites in which I conduct my services and am a private contrator, as well. The majority of my current practice, is returning clients - which I am quite proud of. If you seek to unlock answers along your path, allow me to join you in journey and provide insight. I am remarkably accurate and honest.


Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairentient, Spiritual Guide. Ordained Minister, Ordained Priest, High Priestess, Practicing Pagan. Continued training and education within the metaphysical and mystical.