About My Services

A psychic channeled reading provides clarity to those who are lost, in need of closure or understadning about a certain situation, person, or theme in their life. Cynthia provides clarity through accessing information from a variety of frequencies, vibrations, and personal communications with entities as well as spirits who deem it necessary to help you evolve. The only information that she needs from you is your name, and your reasoning for making contact with her, and she'll provide you with the answers you strive for. Please take note that specific time frames are not given during a reading because the future is based on your intentions and actions which could change the basis of time. Please understand that Cynthia is not here to tell you what to do but instead help you understand why and how you could improve your life. She can see the past, future, and present but she could also see the very core of your being and feel your inner presence. You are not here to be forced to change, you found this site because you were ready for a change, so let Cynthia be the one to show you the way.

Experience & Qualifications

Cynthia had her first experiences at the age of four and has went through a number of challenges to come to terms with her gift. As a child and teen she would hear random noises, tapping, and bell ringing in her home that no one else heard. At thirteen she saw her first child spirit who called her name three times before asking for help and appearing before her eyes. She would go to her friends homes and also see trapped and lost souls who sometimes haunted her as she slept. Her two most influential experiences came when she began to lose the incarnated souls most close to her. Her first love was her cat Friskey who came back to visit her after a dramatic departure and her Grandmother who died in 2004 of Cancer. Her grandmother came to visit her in a dream to tell her that she was no longer in the physical right before her family members told her the news. A variety of strange events continued to occur throughout her life which guided her to make a decision to help others in a heartfelt way. Cynthia made the ultimate decision to end Graduate school of Psychology within 3 months of completion and focused on accepting and increasing the knowledge of her abilities and the unseen world. She has had the chance to speak with many high vibrational entities, and energies which also helped her to come to terms with her own healing abilities. She has now helped many people in need find their way to peace and happiness. She is honest and compassionate in her approach and does not sugar coat the information giving to deceive you of a balanced future. She is now a loving and devoted mother of a little girl who was born the winter of 2013. She will continue to provide answers and healing to all of those who are ready to listen with an open heart.


BA Psychology, Energy Healer, Conscious Channeler. Topics that could be discussed: Relationships, Dreams, Fear based agendas, Spiritual and Psychic Growth, The Paranormal, Astral Projection, Higher Self, Careers (advancement, change, direction), Fear (beliefs, thoughts, past struggles, abuse, energy blockages), Galactic Community, Life Guidance, Self Doubt, History of Life/ Existence, What is channeling?, Out of Body and Near death, How do I become a Healer?, Physical and Emotional Balance, Confronting, accepting, and releasing the past, Health and Diet, Vortex advancement through Understanding, UFO/ Extraterrestrial contact, Acceptance of self, and much more..