About My Services

I am a fourth generation intuitive psychic medium. I have also taken many psychology classes while pursuing my Special Education teaching degree. When you talk to me, it's like talking to one of your friends that you've known for years, just someone that knows whats going to happen in your future!

I am here to help you know what is going to happen, whether it be good or bad.. I am a truthful, honest person. I tell it like I see it! But that doesn't meant that you can't use your own free will to change ANY situation! Your free will allows you to manifest your greatest dreams and desires and I can help you along the path!

I have been able to see things as long as I can remember!! I didn't exactly know what was going on at times, but I would see things before they would happen and then wounder how, until I got older and learned how to control it and that's when I decided it was time to help other's create their most perfect future! I love being a psychic on LivePerson! I enjoy all my regular clients as well as getting new ones. It's always a great feeling when you have that connection with someone and know that you are both contributing to the greater good of the world!

In my readings, I ALWAYS make sure that we will have a connection! I use many methods within my readings. I am naturally Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, and Medium; and use Tarot, Astrology, Runes and Crystals and have taken many classes in LOTS of metaphysical modalities! I have predicted my future as well as many others and I would love to help you find out what's in store for you!

Many Blessings,

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked for many people giving private party readings as well as at shops around the area. I love to help people find out things that they want to know about in their future! I always make sure that we have a connection before proceeding! I have predicted my own future as well as many other peoples, and I would love to help you find out what is in store for you with your, even though it's not always what you may want to hear, I will help you find the path you need to take.


I have taken many metaphysical classes for my training. I am also a natural empathic, psychic, medium.