About My Services

Timezone: -6 GMT / CST
Monday: 11AM – 11PM, Tuesday: 5PM – 11PM, Wednesday: 11AM – 5PM, Thursday: 5PM – 11PM, Friday: 11AM – 6PM, Saturday: 11AM – 6PM, Sunday: Closed

I’m not like the normal folks. I’m a natural born psychic that grew up in a non psychic environment. I’m a remote channeler, meaning I channel living people. I don’t use spirit guides. I have spirit guides, but hell, they don’t help me with my clients, they’re there to train and guide ME. I prefer getting information directly from the source, whether the source is another person, a corporation or the universe. I offer spiritual coaching that works. I offer energy healing for emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. I do dream analysis, astrology charts and past life readings on request. I fight demons and other metaphysical parasites (no seriously . . . I do.) I’ve studied my craft extensively, both traditionally and non traditionally. I have a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology, an Ovate Degree from the Grove of Dana College, and am attuned to Reiki Grand Master. I seek to provide you with a higher quality reading that you can’t get anywhere else. I look forward to helping you out!

A few things about me that have nothing to do with being psychic…I love music with great lyrics. I can sing. I enjoy road trips. I’m a big sci-fi / fantasy geek. I’m married with two kids. I have three chihuahuas, Zeus, Hades & Loki. I do a lot of work for charity in my local community. And my husband owns a comic book shop.

Experience & Qualifications

Ratings: Please don’t leave me a bad rating just because you can. I’m a professional and if something isn’t working right, there’s a reason and I’d like to have the chance to look into it for you.

Requirements: For most sessions I need your first name, date of birth and current location (as in, where you live now, city, state) I will need the same information for any person you ask about (if you want general info a name and location will usually suffice) For businesses I need the name or type of business. For extraneous situations I may need additional information.

Disclaimer: My services do not constitute legal, psychological, medical or other professional services as provided by said professionals. If you feel your problem is outside of my expertise, please contact your local professional.

Confidentiality: All sessions are private and confidential; your information will not be shared with third parties, students, family, friend or others.

“Rhiannon Paille is a natural born psychic who grew up in a non-psychic environment. She channels living people and intuitively taps into information directly from the source, whoever or whatever that may be. A broad variety of interests, from literature to singing, led her to realize that it was her absolute duty to develop them so she could truly help those who call to her. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology, she started serving professionally in 2005. She has a 4.95 average out of 5 stars on Kasamba, over 7500 ratings, over 4000 clients worldwide. At all costs, Rhiannon will let you in on your truths. She will always guide you to know what is in the very best interest for you.” – Amy Evans, Author of Clicks


PhD in Metaphysical Science, PhD in Parapsychology, Reiki Grand Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, Ordained Member of the International Metaphysical Ministry, Member of the World Metaphysical Association, #1 Bestselling Author of Integrated Intuition