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Past Life Reading



I'm a 3rd generation Psychic Medium, My God given gift of empathy and sensitivity to connect with ones energy quickly enables me to share with you who you were and what you did in your past lives. Contact with an open mind and heart. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Do you suffer from worry, anxiety, fear, tension, anxiousness? Do you have a vise or habit your having a hard time kicking? Are you in an abusive or unproductive relationship. Wondering why you settle when you can have so much more?
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Much of this is because of past life experiences and once we find the cause, we can visualize to cut that cord to free you to live a life of truth, light and happiness. Through my sharing certain visualization techniques and things like crystals and aromatherapy I can help you.
It's the law of cause and effect. We come in to this life with the vibration we earned in our past life. I will share with you how you too can connect with your past lives on your own. It's exciting, fun and enlightening. It can be a positive experience if you take that approach.
Let me help you discover who you were and how it effects you today so you can have the best life possible in the life your in now so that you can can move forward in this and your next life. It's all about soul growth and soul evolution. Information is power and let me help you access that 90% of you mind where all these memories are stored! I can share with you the importance of dream recording as this is too very important in this area!
Through images i see and my and your guides and my reincarnation tarot deck, I can help you find out what you need to know where past lives are concerned and how it's effecting you today.
God Bless!

Experience & Qualifications

3rd Generation Psychic Medium, Intuitive. Seer. Gift of Insight and Compassion. Remote viewing courses. Past life regression courses.Dream Recording classes, I've studied Astrology, Aromatherapy Numerology and read Tarot for nearly 25nyrs.