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About My Services

I'm a legitimate experienced psychic advisor who has experienced many things through out my life that still amaze me. All readings vary from person to person, and SPIRITS speak when they please and so do visions and clairvoyant experiences. I'm great with Tarot, sensing the dead, and being clairsentient,but some things happen on their own which I do NOT CONTROL. Anyone that says they can I'd like them to prove it. I have seen spirits and usually they are there to assist not hurt just like their advice or should I say their input.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a Psychic/Prophet since I was born. I come from a family of Gifted people, but I'm the first to work in the career field due. I was a REALTOR before this and went from RE to Tarot Reading overnight. I have made predictions, seen spirits, heard from them to pass on names etc. and even predicted deaths unfortunately sometimes so soon that it gave people a day or two to prepare. I love my job, and I want to help people not hurt them.


College Educated, Studied Western Medicine as well as everything in my career field, and more.