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Many times you find yourself in front of problems that you don’t know how to solve.
Many times you feel you’re trapped like in a wave that has turned you upside down.

Everything revolves around. You don’t figure out what’s the right thing to do.
You don’t understand why does it happen to you.

You look for a psychologist... but the solution is not always there.
You need somebody who looks into the spiritual side and not only gives a professional and scientific explanation.
You seek after a spiritual leader (a Rabbi, a Priest, a Pastor, etc.)... but not always they have the
right answer for you. They know to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. They teach you morals and the good
way. But they not always understand your fears, your conflicts, your shyness.

You need somebody who joins together these two elements:
the Psychological knowledge and the Spiritual guidance.

I offer to you my assistance

I am a Psychologist (graduated at the Buenos Aires University)
and I am a Rabbi (ordained by the Latin-American Rabbinical Seminary).

It is of no relevance which religion do you practice (may be you don’t even practice any), since I
offer to you
a spiritual-psychological guidance, related neither to a doctrine nor to an ideology,
but with one only goal – to help you when you need it and with what you need.

I offer you a psychological-spiritual assistance, thinking of you as a whole being, with all the aspects
of the soul and the mind.

You will discover yourself again. You will understand yourself better.
You will see that the wave has not trapped
you – it has only turned you upside down… but you can still stand
again on your spiritual feet.

Experience & Qualifications

Rabbi and spiritual counselor at the Sephardic Congregation in Santiago, Chile.
Psychological-rabbinical service "Ozen Kashevet v'etza Tovah" in Rehovot, Israel


Psychologist - Graduated at the Buenos Aires University
Rabbi - Ordained by the Seminario Rabinico in Buenos Aires
Member of the Israel Psychological Association