About My Services

Hello and welcome, my name is Maya.I have been born with spiritual gifts and have spent a lifetime in developing, understanding and practicing these. Due to my state laws you must be 25 to use my services. I have been a Psychic counselor and Spiritual advisor for over 35 years, working in such places as Chicago, California, Kentucky, Colorado. Due to the technical age we have entered I am now available internationally through Liveperson. As a Minister of God I am here to help. Life can be difficult, and often times events and circumstances find us challenged in having faith. I am non-judgmental, open and honest. I have been counseling people for 35years. I firmly believe that God and his light can help us through the most troubled of times. God loves you, and he has a special path for you. Divorce, death, family/relationships, there is no problem too large or too small for God to handle. Let me show you what Jesus can do for your life. You are not alone.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been giving Psychic readings in private practice and via the internet for over 35 years. I use only my gifts of clairvoyance, remote viewing and channeling to help my clients find the truth.. No tools, no tricks. Medium and spiritual counselor.I am grateful for many wonderful clients that have truly enriched my life by proving to me again and again the power of the human spirit and soul. If there is ever something you do not quite understand, or needs any clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. I never charge additional fees for understanding the material we covered during a session. I am glad that you found me. It is my honor, and my privilege to serve you today. HONESTY is my ONLY policy. Please be ready to hear the TRUTH Blessings,Maya


Reiki Master-Teacher Certified Aura Reader Doctorate in Divinity (Accredited Esoteric/Theological institution) Ordained and Licensed Minister Traditional Studies in Psychology, Families in crisis, interpersonal communication and addiction issues.