About My Services

Need help in Romance, Relationships, Business, Career, Family Life, and Marriage Lonely? THEN DON'T BE! Email ME Need to make a confession. Receive prayer and forgiveness? Absolute confidentiality assured. Are you scared family would pass judgement, or you will hurt or lose the people that you love if you tell them your needs? I am here for you to give advice, guidance, friendship, forgiveness or just be a friend. If you don’t want to face your personal pastor, come to me today and free yourself from this burden. Please let me know you are requesting help in this “online confession” or just “need to talk” before hire so I may lower fee to $0.50 a minute. How I work:: I say a prayer for protection and guidance asking my spiritual guides and guardian angels to connect yours. I will not pry into someone else’s life and receive answers without their permission. I ask guides if I may ask questions. I will spend a few minutes (FREE to you) to tell you a few things, get your first name, location, your concern, and type of service desired. I request that at the end of the session you allow me to contact you via LivePerson email in case I get additional info for you. (I do not charge or ask for additional fees) This also allows you to contact me with results. I will use one of several methods to get information for you. At this time, my basic reading seems to take about 5-10 minutes. With 20 minutes we have time to discuss the reading in detail and make additional inquires. I can do a 5 minute very quick answers with limited explanation. If you have multiple questions or concerns, it may take more time. It may be to your financial advantage to do an email reading with me. I generally spend about an hour on those readings.

Experience & Qualifications

Over 25 Years Of Experince,I also do readings out of my psychic center in Georgia.I've helped thousands of people in need over the years.People have walked into my shop feeling confused and troubled only to walk out feeling renewed and at peace.


I'm a Licsenced and Certified Psychic Reader and Advisor.