About My Services

With my God giving gift allow me to tune into your Aura/energy to provide you with the answers you seek to know. I am a 3rd generation Spiritual Healer and have been leading and guiding others for many years with much experience. My goal in this life is to get across to my clients what they seek to know. I am able to pick up on true intentions in your relationship. I can see what the outcome is going to be in any situation. With this gift there is good and bad. I do not believe in sugar coating my clients with misleading information. I am a straight shooter and believe that you have the right to know exactly how I see it. Do not be discouraged when contacting me,after one reading with myself you will be able to see how you can put me aside from the other Psychic's you have contacted in the past.

Experience & Qualifications

I will be using religion and psychic intuition to give an accurate look into your future past and present. Some of my spiritual experience's are listed.Inspirational healings, Past Life Regressions. Reuniting Soul Mates, Tarot Cards, Clairvoyant & Crystal readings, Meditation therapy, Aura Cleanse and more


35 years of experience