Fiona Dryelle

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With years of experience exploring dozens of facets of all things magic, including teaching many aspiring white witches, weaving a spell is as natural to me as breathing. Let me guide you on your journey. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I don't sugar coat, I'm easy to talk to, and straightforward. I interpret the cards intuitively which allows a reading to be much more in tune with you and your situation. I can use a variety of different decks including oracle cards that allow me to delve into more specific answers to your questions. I use different card spreads depending upon your question or situation, such as a Past/Present/Future layout, a Loving Hearts layout, a Finance spread, a Happy Home spread, and many more. I offer Reiki Healing for a tune-up or specific ailment be it a physical hurt or emotional pain. For a Reiki Healing I do require a picture to ensure a connection and focus the energy to you. I also offer white Spellwork in certain situations, but reserve the right to decline a request. Magic is a helpful tool, but it can be abused and relied upon too strongly.

Experience & Qualifications

Since my first experience in energy work when I was 11 years old, I have poured myself into Tarot, various other forms of Divination, Spiritual Healing, and 'white' Spellwork. I have practiced, studied, sought out wise women, taken courses, and meditate often to expand my skills and gifts, as well as my understanding in all manner of energy work. I have led classes on learning to use the Tarot, and learning to understand the messages offered to many of us from the Spiritual Realms. I have years of experience offering Tarot readings to my very satisfied clients in face to face readings, and over the phone.


Reiki Master