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Tamtemia is a brilliant psychic "empath" she has the ability to deliver the honesty you need with a comforting and caring nature. Extremely accurate and insightful! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Please read my profile before you have a session with me. I am a psychic empath, my abilities are based first In reading the emotions of the person, or situation you are asking about. Many come to me wanting to know how some one feels about them, whats on their mind and this makes me the perfect guide for you.

I can give time lines, depending on how I see the situation playing out, and also how the person you are asking about feels. Aslo there is always one common eliment "you" how you feel, your wants and desires can change a prediction just as much as what another person may want and desire.

Being a psychic empath means that my strong suit is first seeing and connecting to emotions, that lead me to the anwers of when, why and how. If this is not the process you are looking for that is completely understandable and I always say finding the right guide for you is the most important thing.

If you have any questions about how my process works, how it can benefit you and what I can see please ask before we have a session and your disapointed because it may not have been what you expected. Lately I have been rated unjustly because my profile has not been being read and my process has not lived up to personal hopes, because I am being expected to offer or read like others and that is why we have profiles so you have the information you need to find the best guide for you.

I do not go past three months on my time lines, I feel for me and my abilities that is when I am the most accurate and my strong suit is explaining a situation you are currently in and the feeligs, emotions and expected outcome short term because I am a very strong empath. so when coming into a session with me please understand, that my ability to see what is going to happen next comes straight from the thoughts, feelings and wants from all parties involved in your question.

I always deliver my information clearly, and with thoughtfulness even when the information may not be what you want to hear. I am honest and feel like the way I help the most is by making sure you know by the time our session is over what is coming next for you, knowing what to expect is a very powerful tool that can help you make some hard decissions as I wont do that for you, what you do with the information given is up to you and part of your journey, I am just here to guide you and help you through it the best I can. Hugs N Smiles Tamtemia

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a proud part of LP for over 7 years.

I own my own small business that I have enjoyed running for years.


Visionary Psychic Empath* *Small business owner (in this field)* *Affiliated with many local spiritual groups* *Illustrating and writing* *Tarot and Spiritual workshops*