About My Services

Receiving honest and loving guidance from our personal Angels makes our life so special and helps us be on track.

In our modern lifestyle, making the right decision and knowing which path is the best is essential. Our Angels guide us to make these choices for greater purpose, happiness, love, excitement and joy. Instead of fear or worry, the Angels help us make decisions from a place of love, knowing that they have our back and nothing can harm us. The Angels are here to protect us and they always help us find our way. Our day-to-day life is uplifted by their loving messages, which help us feel more energized, more positive, more confident that everything will work out beautifully for us.

As a Certified Angel Tarot Reader, my honest and compassionate reading style is a blend of my 9 years of professional experience drawing Angel Tarot cards and my natural psychic gift as a medium, where I channel their messages. Not only will you get high quality insights from the Angels about your situation and the people involved, but you'll also get concrete actionable guidance to make the shift in your life in a positive way and make decisions for your highest good.

Angel Readings are for you if you're:
- Seeking your life purpose and the meaning of your life, what you're meant to accomplish
- Seeking to optimize your path of money and success
- Wondering if you should start your own business and want to have concrete guidance about the ideal business for you
- Seeking your soulmate
- Wishing to sell your home at the right moment, to make the highest profit
- Seeking to improve a relationship but fearing how the other person will react, and wondering how to handle the situation
- Seeking to improve your health
- Wondering if you should move to a new house / city / country
- Wondering what is the name of your guardian angel and how to communicate with your angel
- And any other question about a specific life area where you feel stuck or worry!

I also offer Angel Healing Services to improve your connection with your guardian angels, release stress, restore your well-being, and increase your physical and emotional health.

I look forward to connecting with you - and your personal guardian Angels ;-) - and serving you from a place of Love, Honesty and Light.

Angels make our life simpler and happier. It will be an honour to share with you the messages of your Angels.

Experience & Qualifications

I'm a natural born clairvoyant & clairaudient psychic, medium, empath and healer. I've been working with the Angels for 9 years, discovering my own path and helping my clients live their life at its fullest. Messages from your Angels will change your life for the better!

My Angel Readings blend the best of my natural intuitive gifts with my practical working experience as an Angel Tarot Reader, to provide you the best insights on your situation and get you unstuck.

With my extensive 9-year professional experience as a medium, angel card reader, therapist and psychologist, I channel and receive messages from your personal Angels. These empowering and loving messages are destined to guide you make the best decisions and solve your challenges in all matters of the heart, no matter where you are on your Life Journey.

We can also schedule distant Angel Healing sessions to increase your own connection with your Angels, increase your natural intuition and ability to listen to their guidance on a daily basis, restore your well-being and energy level, heal any heavy fear or worry on your plate right now.

Other than that, I have a rich international experience: I have been practicing my psychic gifts for people located in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Nordic countries, Asia! I speak fluently English and Spanish and can help you wherever you are located. It will be an honour to help you connect to your Angels.

Get in touch with me today and take back the remote control of your life, under the blessed guidance of Your Angels!


Angel Card Reader, Psychologist, Parenting Diploma, Marriage Counselling Certification, Holistic Healing Therapist