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I use cartomancy as a divination tool to determine whats in store for you. Other Specialties  
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Let me aid you in your search for truth as I have done for many before you. This is the door way to all the answers you need. I combine my psychic ability in with reading the tarot cards. but am always learning to improve them through study, practice, meditation, and communication with my guides Let me use my gift along with the tarot cards to help guide you along your path I will help you see the signs from your loved ones who have crossed over and get the messages from your soul that help you in your life path. Everything happens and each card each time you get a reading will not be random it will be for you help me to guide me each time you come to me, you will leave feeling much, better. I am here to help you and I am your psychic reader, spiritual healer, relationship advisor, and personal counselor all rolled into one, and I am an honest psychic. I will only tell what I feel, sense or see for you with the unfortunate passing of so many people in my life, in such a short time, my gifts began developing and getting stronger. Since then it has become my goal to use the gifts I have been given to help others

Experience & Qualifications

I am an Honest Reader so please keep an Open Mind. I am not here to give you false hope and say things just to make you feel better. I am here to tell you exactly what I feel and see, to help guide you into the right direction, I have9 years experience in the signs and dream field also the Holy Spirit with enough experience with Oracle Card, Whether your need is insight, clarification, advice, spells, reuniting with your love, or removal of negativity and also able to pin point haunted locations and seeing the ghost, I have a unique gift in giving great comfort and peace. My predictions for your future are based on vibration energies that I pick up from your name and date of Birth.


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