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Law of Attraction


English, Arabic

I am a firm believer that we are the masters of our own fate, and in getting what you want, when you want it. I would be happy to show you the way Other Specialties  
About My Services

Advise on the law of attraction and how to use it to guide your live. Let me show you the secret! For all readings, I use tarot cards, my own psychic ability as well as my guide. I am empathic and clairvoyant. If I do not feel a connection, I will not read for you. You can trust that I will not ask you to hire if I do not feel there is a connection. Generally there's no issue, however if I don't feel a connection, we can schedule a time later to try again if you wish. What you can expect when you hire me to provide you with a reading: b That being said: I wish I didn't have to add this, and I do hope not to offend, but I must ask that if you have no intention of hiring, please don't take advantage of my kindness. I give some free mintues and even start through the reading for free to make sure we are connected. In the past I have spent time with potential clients to find that they get what they can for free, then leave. You can understand how that would be frustrating, to focus and tune into a situation, prepare cards, only to be hung up on. For those that play fair with me, I bend over backwards to make sure I give plenty of time before hire mode. Those who take advantage will be blocked from further contact with me. Please respect that this is my job. I do some volunteer work on the side, but I feel it's not fair to my colleagues here to offer free readings, we must all play fairly. I do run specials during certain times of the month at my discretion and as I have the time to devote to liveperson. Thank you for understanding. 6/22/09 - Amendment - starting today, I am offering three minutes maximum before going into hire mode. I will not answer any part of the questions posed before going into hire. I've been forced to become stricter with this and I must adhere to this because the only other option would be to raise my per minute fee while in hire mode, which isnt right for clients who play fair.

Experience & Qualifications

12 years experience in psychic reading and tarot reading. Clarvoient, empath.


Associate degree/ Many study seminars/continual training courses and exercises, I will never stop learning and will never stop trying to improve my skills.