About My Services

Greetings!!! My name is Lavender Yawn, and I have 20 plus years experience using the Law of Vibration to attract happiness, wealth, and love in my life. Using the Law of Vibration, especially with crystal bowls, and music, you can attract abundance, love, happiness, and a feeling of well-being in your life. Let me tell you how to do this with a live session. Also, I am a Tarot Reader, Runes Reader, Angel Card Reader, and as a Psychic and I have been a reader on Kasamba since 2002. I am a compassionate and nonjudgmental Tarot Reader/psychic who will help you understand what is happening to you. I am Clairvoyant, (I Can See) Emphatic, (I Can Feel), Telepathic, (Spirit Connections), with tremendous sensitive abilities to your needs. I will use my angel guides and spirit guides to give you a Psychic Reading that will clear your anxiety, help you with uncertainty, reduce your loneliness and hopelessness, and help you to understand that life is worth living and loving again.

I want to empower you with knowledge about the unknown, the present, and the future. UNKNOWN -- Situations I see around you that you do not know, secrets that you need to know, intentions, and motives of others around you -- I will tell you everything that I see to help you make decisions. PRESENT -- I will use my intuition and angel guides to tell you what is happening, and why it is happening. I will focus all my energy on your present situation to help you with resolution to your problems. FUTURE -- I will gently guide you so you will know how to avoid pitfalls, and how to achieve happiness.

My predictions are based on the energy currently around you. Sometimes predictions come true and sometimes they do not as there is such a thing as free will and you can use your free will for predictions to materalize or to shift in another direction. When I make a prediction to my clients, I tell them as an honest psychic to use the knowledge I have given as guidance for their questions on the future. Remember, we all have free will, and one's destiny is not seared in stone.

Tarot (Expert In Using Over 25 Different Decks)
Rune Casting Stones and Cards
Cartomacy (Reading Clients With Playing Cards)
Dream Interpretation
Palm-Readings (E-mail copy of Right & Left Hand)
Crystal Readings & Crystal Ball Gazing
Oracle Readings
Ceromancy Readings - Candle Wax & Bowl of Water
Dominoes-Cleromacy- Using Small Objects
Chinese Astrology
Horoscopes--Birthcharts & Relationship Charts
Color Readings
Aura Readings
Angel Cards Readings
Gypsy Card Readings
Wisdom Cards

TAROT SPREADS THAT I USE based on clients current situation in your life.

THE CELTIC CROSS SPREAD - Used in Relationships/Marriage
THE STAR SPREAD - Personal inner development of person.
FIVE CARD HORSESHOE SPREAD - Complete Reading of person.
THE TRIANGLE SPEAD - Concise life picture of what is happening in life.
THE HOROSCOPE SPREAD - Detailed view of a situation in the present using the Major/Minor Arcana, with each representing a house of the zodiac.
THE GYPSY DRAW - 3-card layout for clients seeking a specific answer
THE TREE OF LIFE SPREAD - A ten-card spread using Initiative, Limitations, and Gains for each card.

"Comments From Clients"
Thanks Lavender For the awesome reading/cusjo

Experience & Qualifications

Over 20 Plus years experience as psychic counselor, tarot card reader, runes card reader, and palm reader.

Uses Runes and Tarot when dealing with relationship issues for clients.

Previous experience as tarot reader with Kenny Kingston


BA degree in Psychology/Social Work

Two Year Degree in Business Administration,

Certified Nursing Assistant