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Law of Vibration



Everything vibrates. This is a universe of vibration and attraction. Use this potent law to attract what you want, in all areas of your life! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Introducing Two Attractive Talk Packages!

Talk at a discounted fee of $3.99 / min (almost 2 dollars off per minute) or pamper yourself with our new irreristible Complete Spiritual Package by talking for 30 mins or more at $5.99/min and receive the following:

1) A Comprehensive 30 min psychic reading You can ask me to look at one specific area in depth (e.g: love life, career, etc) or all areas of your life. I'll tap into information using just my clairsentience and intuition and provide you with clarity on your life situation.

2)Personalized report on how to manifest your desires, which will contain specific affirmations, guided imagery or meditation aimed at the resolution of your specific concerns For example, if your question was about a love relationship, your report will contain specific spiritual guidance on how to attract love, how to recapture the spark in your existing relationship, etc. (This report will be compiled for you by my coach and spiritual teacher in India and you'll receive it in your Liveperson mailbox within 24 hours. For this, I'll need your permission to share your basic question with my teacher. If you choose, you can opt out of this offer and your question will not be shared also.) Your report will be based on perennial Eastern spiritual principles, such as the ancient Indian vedic secrets, Taoist / Zen concepts, etc.

3)My teacher will also pray / intend / meditate for you, on your specific question. You should feel some sort of relief, perhaps an an inner sense of wellbeing, or a general feeling of relief, or even a reassuring feeling that what you want is done. Please note that in some cases, the meditation done on your behalf may not yield the same results you expect or demand, as it is aimed at helping you get plugged into the stream of wellbeing that permeates this universe. Rest assured that this will indeed lead to the best possible outcome in your life situation.

4) Free Chakra / Energy Cleansing. It's done with the help of specific Eastern mantras aimed at stimulating specific chakras on the body. There's a primal sound associated with each of the seven basic chakras and they will be employed to purge you / your loved one of any negative energy or block. My teacher focuses her spiritual energy on your question and uses the power of focused attention to remotely heal your situation.

Please Note: To avail of the complete package, you need to talk for at least 30 minutes at the fee of $5.99 / min. This offer is only optional. If you want it, make sure you ask for it right at the beginning of the session


Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing psychic readings in my area for the past 8 and a half years. Let me use my rich practical experience and my ability to tune into the angelic world to help you.


I have been practising as a successful psychic for the past 8 and a half years. I can tune into the messages from my angels and will deliver those messages to you. I can also channel the angelic realm. Besides, I am also a devoted student and an avid reader and I have been doing my own personal research in this field for the past few years.