April 24 - April 30, 2017
You sure know how to take exuberant to an all new level. You also don‘t care what you‘ve done in the past, you‘re going to rock it no matter what it says on your job description thing, and if that means you‘re doing the work of four other people just to prove that you‘re not the jester in the dunce cap, then that‘s what you‘ll do. You are actually quite intelligent and quite capable, and when people don‘t see your worth, you have this tendency to believe them for about three seconds before you have to pump yourself full of that self-motivation and come back at things ten times harder than you did before. You‘re not used to taking no for an answer, or letting people walk all over you, or taking the crappy advice of people who obviously don‘t know the first thing about how you operate. You do learn through your mistakes, the whole point of continuing to make the same mistake isn‘t always a product of your inability to grow, it‘s just that you have these pitfalls. You know you‘re not the only one out there making the same mistake multiple times, so you‘re not going to beat yourself up over it. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you‘re coming at this from a new angle with a new plan of attack. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and you‘re going to be more diligent, observant, but you‘re also going to lay on the self-confidence because that‘s what you need. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re working on communicating the things you need to the people around you. The more you can get teamwork going, the better for everyone. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and it‘s time to stop worrying about being wild and crazy, if that‘s who you are, then that‘s who you‘ll be.Ascendant: You don‘t have to be anything you‘re not
It feels like you‘ve got your groove back and you‘re dancing in the office like one of those bobble head figures, you know, just a little head action, maybe the ipod is going, and you‘ve got a little shuffle in your feet. Either way, you‘re not allowing anyone to talk, if they‘ve got something to say related to the project, sure, but otherwise it‘s all about the music, it‘s all about the dancing, it‘s all about getting down. You know there‘s good ways to motivate yourself, and when you can bring in some rocking tunes and give yourself that old time rock n roll, the music will soothe your soul. You know it‘s a really bad time for people to be discussing anything, so part of the reason you‘re doing this is to keep all mention of politics, or other controversial topics out of your work zone. You want to make sure people around you are respecting the fact that you have nothing at all to contribute in terms of opinions, that all you got are the facts, you‘re not going to open that big mouth and put your foot in it, no sir. You‘re going to keep your mouth shut, and stay focused on the things that matter to the company, to your livelihood, and to your customers. That‘s where it‘s at. The Moon begins the week in Aries and even though drama could find you, you‘re not letting it get very far before shutting it down. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and again, you won‘t discuss anything unless it has to do with the work you‘re passionate about. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re discovering some new ways to keep people motivated. You‘re also seeing there‘s a ton of things outside of the work zone bubble that might need to be addressed soon. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday but you are staying inside the bubble, nobody gets in unless they know the secret handshake.Ascendant: You are a drama free zone
You know when you did that thing that nobody likes but you did it anyone and now everyone is regarding you like they need to keep ten feet between you and them at all times? You‘re not going to understand exactly what you did wrong until you corner someone and ask them why everyone is being so weird. And it‘s probably because you did something awesome, everyone else is struggling a little bit, and you always seem like you have it together, even when you don‘t. You‘re very good at faking that smile, and pretending like nothing is bothering you, even when you‘ve got issues in your personal life, that you‘re just not bringing to work with you. You could be a sniveling pile of sadness and depression if you wanted to be, you could say the work you do is very hard and you don‘t feel like you‘re really getting anywhere in life. You could, but then you also go out and do the things you want to do and you don‘t care what anyone has to say about it, so there‘s that big difference, you just don‘t wallow, you get out and do something to change your life if it‘s not making you happy. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you‘re you, that‘s never going to change. You‘ll tell people what you think when you feel the need to, and you‘ll continue to discover new things. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and you‘re busy finding what else makes you passionate about life. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘ve got so many things on your plate it‘s ridiculous. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you‘re going to be making more epic and crazy plans in life.Ascendant: Who said there was an off switch? You‘re the energizer bunny.
You did all the not fun things you had to do and now you just want to go back to having fun, being weird and worrying about the tasks at hand. You‘re not going to join any activist groups anytime soon, but you have started to follow a few of those more politically focused pages on Facebook so you can be stay up to date with more than just where terrorists have attacked this time. You‘re feeling a lot overwhelmed by that side of things, and you want to put it out of your mind, go back into the bubble you always live in. It‘s not that you don‘t care it‘s that you care too much, and when you‘re distracted, that takes away from the other people around you that you need to care about and be there for, and so on and so forth. You function much better when you believe you‘re on top of the tasks at hand, rather than swimming helplessly in a sea of things you can‘t fix, people you can‘t help, and situations that seem too overwhelming for you to fathom. You‘d rather go back to the idea that you can put a ceiling fan in your office, and hang unicorns off it than worry about people who have little to nothing. You feel like you‘re doing your part to help people, but you can‘t help everyone. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you need a break, you need to go back to what you were doing before your opinions had to be called into question. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and while you‘ve learned a lot, you‘re going to stick to the tried and true ways. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re focused on the tasks at hand. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and blanket forts are awesome.Ascendant: If everyone cared as much as you did, the world would be a better place
You know life is all about balance, it‘s all about making sure that you‘re doing things so that you have this plateau of success and you never have to worry about being financially stable, or having to cut corners to make ends meet. The problem here is that this passionate movement thing you‘ve decided to create is conflicting with the job that actually pays the bills, and I mean that puts you in a weird place where you have to do a balancing act at a time when it‘s very clear you need to choose one or the other. You‘ve got this bravado that won‘t let you see the forest for the trees. The new venture is exciting, but is it going to support you financially at any given point in time? What will you do when that venture gets in the way of the day job, and then you‘re stuck in that financial catastrophe? You may need to take an exit stage left to the thing you‘re passionate about, because being associated or involved with it is hurting your bottom line. Sure, that‘s not the way we want the world to work but that‘s the way it‘s working out for you right now. You have to weigh the consequences and decide what‘s better for you, having a job that pays the bills, or having a following for a cause that‘s probably draining your bank account? The Moon begins the week in Aries and you want to push forward with this new venture, but money, money, money. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and you‘re torn between what you love and what‘s practical. You can‘t have both, so you need to pick which one is more important to you. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and is really good at helping you sort that pros and cons list out. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you need some time to yourself.Ascendant: Hard choices always come with that need for solitude
You know all the pitfalls start happening when you have a team of people behind this crazy idea you had and now it‘s your job to guide them to that high level of success you had envisioned for yourself, and the trouble is, certain people keep dragging down everyone else, and causing problems and you spend more time sorting out the drama and the politics than you do focusing on the vision and the dream. If you had ten people who were all committed to canvasing and marketing and doing the nuts and bolts parts of the project, you‘d be in a better position than you‘re in right now. Instead you have a lot of people who want to nitpick about the vision, put their own two cents in, debate about how everything is going to operate, give you headache after headache about taking risks that nobody is ready for, and hoping there‘s some kind of safety net involved, when the safety net is complete lie. You‘re going to have the first wave of people who no longer need to be on your team because they‘re not team players, they‘re team downers. Beyond that, expect to still be doing most of the work yourself because nobody wants to get involved unless they can add their opinion, and slack off and then take all the glory when small successes start to roll in the door. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you cannot believe the immaturity, the backstabbing, the ungratefulness, it‘s truly astonishing. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and once again there‘s so much stubbornness, selfishness, and plain criticism and judgment that you need to once again, clean the house and start with a smaller group of people. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you like seeing the possibilities but you also know you can‘t fly before you walk. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you need a break so bad.Ascendant: If they weren‘t all out for themselves you‘d be flying
You threw all the caution into the wind, and the worst thing you have to deal with now is the fact that you have no safety net and if you take a fall from grace, things will inevitably plummet to the depths of the deepest, darkest tunnel you have ever been in. Okay, so it only seems like that, which is one of the reasons you really dislike success. You like being on the verge of it, somewhere near it but being on top of it, is like standing on the edge of a snowy mountain pass, knowing that one wrong step will have you sliding to your ultimate demise. You can‘t live with odds like that, you don‘t like that much excitement, if you want success you want it to come with butterflies and rainbows and maybe some minty chocolate treats. You want some recognition but if you‘re suddenly in charge of the entire operation you know you‘re going to choke on those aspirations. You work better when you have a team of other people also working with you because then some of the blame can be on them, for not pulling their weight, and the whole operation doesn‘t have to be your fault. I know you‘re thinking wait a minute, but if it‘s not my fault and it goes well I don‘t get all the credit or the glory - yes you do because you‘re a Libra and the spotlight naturally gravitates towards that aesthetically pleasing face of yours. However, if it fails, you also get the credit for the failure, which is why having someone else involved, always helps to take the pressure off you alone. The Moon begins the week in Aries and this is just a dangerous place to be. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and you don‘t like power, it‘s too much, if someone else could take over that would be great. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday you‘d rather keep your options open. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you need some time away from the world.Ascendant: Always great to have a scapegoat for when things go wrong
And that snappy turtle is back with whipper snapper like tendencies and zero remorse for the nature of who it is. I mean you never see those turtles who are all slow moving and big strong jaws feeling awful for making other people wait as they walk, or for snapping something up when it‘s in their nature to do so. You shouldn‘t feel bad for being the way you are, although we should probably discuss that symbology for a moment because before the Roman Empire decided the Eagle was their symbol, the Eagle was actually the Babylonian symbol for Scorpio. It‘s mentioned in biblical references, but if you thought all you had to your name was a Scorpion, you‘re very wrong. The Eagle gives you deeper roots to your personality, it gives you maturity, and points out that your very nature is that "Eagle Eye" whereby you see things in a way others don‘t because you simply have the eye for it. So you‘re largely unapologetic, you‘re coming to terms with who you‘ve always been and you‘re allowing those true colors to shine through. You don‘t even care if nobody is noticing your insights, or liking what you have to say, if they don‘t like what you‘re saying then won‘t they slap your face? (Michael Jackson reference) Because you‘re bad, sometimes, and you have good intentions, and you just want the world to be a better place. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you don‘t care what anyone thinks, you‘re sitting on that throne. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and this embodying who you are thing is somewhat liberating. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re saying it like you mean it. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you have passion out the crazy for someone.Ascendant: Sometimes you have to be the eagle
So, you know what you want but it‘s not like you can just decide to sign up and head out. You have other practical things to consider, and knowing you, you‘ll be all over websites, trying to figure out how you can make it in to the thing you most want to do. Be aware it might involve going back to school, or going for some training, or it might just not really pay the bills, or it might take you exotic places - I am not talking you out of this at all, all of this sounds completely exciting, and reminds me of that time I was taking TESOL so that I could teach English in Japan, and I nearly gained employment in Taiwan and then my parents stopped me from going because they thought I was going to be kidnapped and sold in some human trafficking thing, and I know my parents were a little weird, I mean well wishing, watching way too many Liam Neeson movies kind of people but still. Maybe you need to think long and hard about the dangerous sides of this plan, and the whole terrorism side of things, and maybe take baby steps to get to where you want to go. You don‘t want to take one course, and fly to Somalia and think okay here I am, going to help some people. You never know when that kindness of yours is going to be sorely taken advantage of and the next thing you know you‘re working in some camp somewhere with no link to the outside world. Ahh! Don‘t do the scary things Sagittarius! The Moon begins the week in Aries and you are so gung ho but have you really thought it all through? We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and you are making a change, a big one and even if you fail or it‘s not what it seems, you‘re going to do it anyway. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re looking at all the options, making sure to get the effect you want. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and maybe helping from the comfort of your home would be safer.Ascendant: Maybe a mission to Mars isn‘t in your future
So you discovered what was in the water, and now you feel like you have all the answers to the mysteries of the universe. You‘ve decided that no you don‘t need to be the smartest, but you do need to be smart because regardless of what anyone else thinks, some people really need you and your intelligence because without you, their whole world would fall apart and crumble into the sea, and they‘d be flailing around with those sharks asking you to save them. I‘m glad you‘ve figured it out that people really do appreciate you, and that they need you, but they don‘t need you to know everything, nobody needs anyone to hold their hand and tell them everything they need to do, some people need to figure it out on their own. Even babies need to figure it out on their own to some point, I mean that‘s why when they‘re little you give them tummy time so they can learn how to lift their own heads up and how to roll over and so forth. You can‘t do everything for everyone, and that‘s probably a good thing because geez you‘d be physically unable to do that. So settle for being able to do some things, being smart in your own right, and not having the burden of knowing everything there is to know. I‘m sure even Stephen Hawking gets frustrated by that sometimes, like go and figure out the universe for yourself! The Moon begins the week in Aries and yeah you‘re around, you‘re good now, if anyone needs help you‘ll be there, but otherwise, don‘t abuse it. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and the new motto is you know some stuff, but not everything. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you want to explore some things you don‘t know but safely and not all at once. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you need some time to yourself.Ascendant: Never of knowledge as a burden before did you?
You can‘t help but feel good about yourself, I mean you‘re standing on your empire of car tires and chicken wire, but you feel pretty good about it. You might be a stinking, heaping pile of awfulness, and you possibly said the worst things on the planet, but you said them on a forum or something and you deleted the whole thread so there‘s no evidence, and nobody but maybe server bots in space will see what you posted, so you can just wipe your brow and head back to work like nothing happened. Sure, you don‘t need people to know that one in a while you completely lose it and you have to take it out on someone somewhere, they don‘t need to know what your weekend was all about, or how many hours you spent on Pinterest, or what happened at the bar, they just don‘t need to know. You totally did what you had to do, even if that guy was twice your size, or that girl was definitely prettier than you, you got whatever it was bothering you out of your system. You‘re going to be so awesome at work, you‘re going to kick so much butt, you‘re going to get through all that back logged work so fast it‘ll make your boss‘s head spin. And you‘ll do it without complaining and without having to help anyone else because that sign on your forehead or your door or the back of your chair or whatever is pretty clear: STAY AWAY. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you got the angry out of your system so you can go back to being your usual weird self. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and your advice to you is to just cool it, take it easy, don‘t expect so much of yourself. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and already you‘re feeling like an underachiever and you need to do something awesome. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you‘ll be having one heck of a weekend trying to find something crazy to do.Ascendant: It‘s never enough, you can get it out of your system but then there‘s more
The only thing you could do better right now is smiling a little more. You know that even though you like escaping into your own little world because sometimes reality bites and you don‘t always bite reality back the way you‘re supposed to do with small animals who are growing and learning their boundaries and limits, you actually have it pretty good in your life. You just don‘t always see that because you let things stress you out and get to you, and it‘s because the real world will always pale in comparison to the world inside your head, and where you live inside your head, you need to also get out of that space and look around because things are changing, the world is in some dire need, there‘s a lot of global impact things happening, and if you don‘t want to be bombarded, or blindsided you need to at least pay attention to some of it, maybe don‘t take a stance or join a group of activists but at least educate yourself on the state of affairs because that‘s going to be important. You know, it might be a good thing to know if a bigger company buys out your company, that way you‘ll know long before the notices show up that your jobs might be on the line or things might be changing a little bit. Again, it‘s good to dream but it‘s also good to be well informed. The Moon begins the week in Aries and you need to get out of the box a little here and see the bigger picture. We have a New Moon moving through Aries to Taurus on Tuesday and that‘s your homework, keeping your ear to the ground on current events that affect you. The Moon moves to Gemini on Thursday and you‘re trying to communicate more, even if it‘s difficult. The Moon moves to Cancer on Saturday and you‘re happy for the break.Ascendant: You need to pay attention to what‘s going on around you
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