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Insightful Readings By Jason Profit

“Wow Jason. I'm shocked with this.. Everything you've said has been right on the money. I'm shocked with your reading because you described me very well. I'm amazed how detailed you made it and how amazingly accurate you were when you talked about myself and my wife. Thanks!”  Joe (New Jersey)

“Hey Jason! I really enjoyed my first reading! It was really an uplifting moment for me. Thanks alot!” Mecca, (Oak Grove, KY)

“Everything was dead on, my left palm depicted my current reality. So if you need answers, Jason will show you that you really do hold past, present and future outlined in the palm of your hand.” Heather T. (Greenville, SC)

Psychic Reader Jason Profit

While I may be new to Kasamba, I have spent most of my life passionately studying magical arts, psychic phenomena, past lives and all things paranormal. Through this study I have been able to develop quite a number of unique abilities and gifts which I use to entertain as well as to help people in need of guidance and insight.

In helping folks gain clarity and reduce confusion I came to realize that this is one of those things I was simply meant to do. I do not sugar coat the insights I get. I simply share with you what the universe reveals to me in an honest uplifting manner. For the best connection you must agree be honest and totally open your heart and mind to me during our session. I will bring to you the unlimited wisdom of the universe in an honest manner without all the riddles and "psychic mumbo jumbo".
These gifts have allowed me to peacefully guide my own life with wisdom and passion and I share these same gifts with my clients daily. I have been told by many clients that I have seen more than any other reader has been able to in the past. I have even been told by a wise mystic whom I ran across, that I have been a seer for many lifetimes. I suppose that is up to you to find out…

Contact me and we will chat for a minute and make sure that we can connect, before you have already chosen to hire me.

Experience & Qualifications

For a little bizarre background let’s go back to where this all began. Before I was born, my mother used to be known as the one of ladies to call when spirits had moved into your home. A devout Christian, she and a friend of hers would cleanse homes of spirits in the name of God.

Both my mom and this friend of hers are sensitive to what we would call spirits and demons.

Even while pregnant with me, my mom was chasing ghosts and helping folks find peace. On several occasions while I was a young child, paranormal events occurred very close to home.

I’m sure you can understand why I have spent most of my life passionately studying magical arts, psychic phenomena, past lives and all things paranormal. As a second genreation sensitive, I have always been curious and wanted to understand the unexplainable.

From palm reading and beyond, my unique ability to give uplifting intuitive readings and reveal a persons inner-most thoughts and questions continues to be loved and enjoyed where ever I travel.

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I am second generation sensitive having received this gift from my mother. A Lifetime of study has allowed me to understand and use these abilities to help you find the answers you seek. After you have enjoyed the insights from your reading, please make sure you leave a review so others can know how much you enjoyed your reading. If you only intend to stick around for 3 minutes, please understand there is no way for you to get an accurate insightful reading in such a short time.