The Six of Wands

Written By Expert Rebecca Avoni

Victory, triumph, and success after a long struggle are messages carried to us by the Six of Wands Tarot card. A nearly universally positive card, the Six of Wands assures us that our efforts are about to be rewarded.

When this card shows up in a love reading, it brings a message of hope. Have you been struggling through a tough time with your beloved? Victory is close at hand. Are you and your lover trying to overcome an external obstacle? Then the Six of Wands encourages you to keep trying. You will succeed soon. For singles seeking a mate, this card signifies that your search will be fruitful eventually, and advises patience.

Money and career readings are blessed by a promise of eventful success by the Six of Wands. In money matters

it indicates that your finances will in general tend to improve. If you are seeking a job or a promotion in your current job, you are going to be triumphant.

Though it is mostly positive, the Six of Wands does have a minor shadow side. Check the cards nearby. Though the Six of Wands almost guarantees you will be victorious, it does not promise the victory will be worth the struggle. This card is a subtle reminder to double check your priorities and be careful what you expend your energy on.

But most importantly, when this card appears, it tells you that you have the power to conquer any obstacle that arises in your path.

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I love your website and I love reading what you write about. I also love reading your question and answer column. I have a question about my children. My oldest has no ambition. He works but only a few days a week and is content with this but he has a daughter and his girlfriend told him he needs to get a full time job so they can get married and move into a two bedroom house. His excuse is he only knows how to do construction and will not look elsewhere. He is doing restoration work but it is only a few days a week. My second child does have ambition and he works but he had a drug problem. He says he is done with it but he still needs to take methadone to keep from doing drugs and he's been taking it for two years. Will he ever get off the methadone and not do drugs again? My daughter also had a drug problem and she has been drug free for two years now. She also suffers from post traumatic stress. She saw her best friend get hit by a car and that's when she started doing drugs because she couldn't deal with what she saw. My youngest is 21 and he doesn't want to work. He quit school at 17 and has been saying he will get his GED and take a few computer classes. He got a dog and I am the one who takes care of the dog who I have become very attached to. Why did these children of God pick my husband and me to be their parents? Why do all 4 of my children have these problems and will they ever grow up and do well? My oldest should be married by now. I also want to know if this beautiful dog, he is almost 2 years old, is in mine and my son's life for a reason. I did not want another dog after we lost our golden retriever two years ago. I am tied down from this and I can't stand leaving him. He is a pit bull/Rottweiler. He is a great dog and I am just too attached to him. I feel I should be doing spiritual work but I am not sure what my best abilities are and which ability I should be working on. I hope you are able to answer my questions so I may start living the life I should be living. Thank you so much. Love and Light and Angel Blessings --Mary

Blessings dear Mary,
Thank you for allowing me to answer your question. It's very difficult being a mother to grown children who have trouble growing up and being on their own. Many people can relate to your question, particularly in a challenging economy where it's hard for our kids to find jobs and become more independent.

This lack of motivation and depression your children are experiencing is not your fault. However, it may be time to focus on what you need as you grow older rather than their needs at this point. The more you enable them and help them, the more "content" they will become in their situations. Lack of drive and ambition is a cultural problem due to low vibrations we are all experiencing around the world coming from economic struggle.

I see that all your children will improve as times get better, which they will and jobs become more plentiful in your area. However, they will naturally improve because of how you raised them. Even though it feels they never listen to you, they have "heard" you and will implement what they learned from you when they are on their own. To help them make these changes you'll have to really put out some "tough love." Throw out your youngest, he won't improve until you have put him out of your house. Your daughter needs therapy. If you can't afford a therapist, check out our list of therapists at LivePerson, they are inexpensive and highly qualified. With all the addicted members of your family, family therapy may help as well.

The good news there is hope for your children. Your oldest will change when his girlfriend decides to leave him because he won't marry her. He'll then marry and embrace his family. Your second child will eventually have his own business and has chosen to focus on life rather than the path to death with drugs. His process of healing is slow, but it will be done. Your daughter will also improve. I see her teaching or going back to school for something. The youngest child will end up going back to school as well but you must be tough with him, with all of them -- if they are living in your house right now you are NOT helping them. Keep the dog, he is yours now and has chosen you, he is a great blessing and comfort to you.

Spiritually you are having an awakening, becoming more aware of what is going on around you. Your natural sixth sense is kicking in, making you more empathic, clairvoyant, and telepathic. Everyone has a sixth sense; some use it, or realize it, better than others. To tap into your gifts you need more time to yourself, more meditation, and less stress from work or family. Yoga, tai chi, or other gentle movements that help you breathe and still the mind are the best exercises to increase your psychic ability and cope with your current problems.

God bless you and your family, my prayers for your happiness and success are with you today. - Cristina

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