Three of Wands

Written By Expert Billy All In The Cards

As a card of the Suit of Wands, the Three of Wands Tarot card is a Minor Arcana card. This means that a person has a direct or complete control over its effect in a situation, as opposed to a Major Arcana card, which can show a direct influence but not direct control over the effects in that situation or interaction.

The Three of Wands represents the personal feelings and choices one makes in regard to work as well as dating and other social interactions like family and close friends. On a larger scale, the Wands represent actions. The Three of Wands represents choosing which actions to take in order to achieve a desired goal. When it appears in a consult, it shows us thoughts about to turn into actual actions in regard to the subject in question; making the conscious decision to move in a particular direction instead of another.

Reversed in a consult, it can show indecision or inability to choose which path one should go down. It can also show us faults in the foundational process of a person's thinking, which manifest themselves later on in the framework or final building process of an endeavor. It also reflects back on the earlier efforts of the cards that come before it. The benefit over, say, a Major Arcana card showing up reversed is that being a Minor Arcana card, the person is in direct control.

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I have had a great deal happening in my life over the last few months since June. My husband declared that he wanted to move out...eventually did this... then declared he wanted to go to Dubai and therefore wanted a divorce and now wants to go to Australia. In between this he wants to continue doing very long run races and climbing mountains... there is no other energy around him (female) so I have been told. I am trying to understand him but still love him and want him to come back home and have told him many times before. I know he still cares for me and understands where his work got in the way of us and continues to care for my parents, keeps asking many questions, but wants me to find a better man for a partner, as he says he is not a good husband and would not make a good father.

I want to know if my husband still loves me and can understand the love we had and come home. All can be forgiven. Can we stop divorce? Will he emigrate? Will we keep in touch? And how will I be for the rest of 2012?
Thank you.

Love and light,
--Marie M

Blessings, Marie M!

I see your husband is not ready or open for the responsibilities of a man raised to be a certain way. He is incapable of really settling down. He is a dreamer and his mind goes in another direction, his rhythm is that of a nonconformist and someone who wants to explore the world and challenge his own physical limits. For this he requires no wife or the day-to-day routine of making a living and supporting a family. The image he has of himself as a man does not fit with society. So as a nonconformist he will probably not change. He has made an effort to change. Even hoped that marriage with you would stop the urge of wanting to take off and breathe in the world. You are correct there is no other woman, and although he still loves you he doesn’t want to have to work and succeed in the corporate or business world, nor does he have the desire to be a husband or father. He never really wanted that but thought marriage would change him. In the end he realized it did not.

He does love you as much as he can, however it’s not enough to maintain a marriage. You’ve done everything possible to keep him by your side, and I see you are even willing to allow him to get all this travel and play out of his system. However I don’t see you waiting for him forever either as the distance will keep you apart. The days will pass and what you felt for him will fade into the twilight and another will come and capture your attention. I wish I could say he will change his mind and come home, but he is a free spirit and I cannot give you false hopes that he will change his mind and cleave to the marriage. He wants you to be free to marry someone who can fit into the lifestyle you want and deserve. In his way, letting you go, is the greatest love he could give you. Because he knows himself and if he stayed by your side you both would end up in an abyss of misery.

You have free will and you are free to keep these doors open for him. But inevitably you will let go as you know that you can do better than wait for someone who will not put you or the marriage first.

My prayers are with you and your family for your complete happiness and success.

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