The Page of Cups

Written By Expert Billy All In The Cards

The Pages of the Minor Arcana are remarkable cards. They represent the transition from the foundational aspects of an endeavor to the completional aspect of the endeavor (sort of like reaping the rewards of the effort for a particular endeavor). The Page of Cups thus represents the transition from the foundational aspect of true love and emotions to the reward for that effort; great love and emotions. To me, this is as close to what many come seeking as "soul mates" or "twin souls" as we can achieve on the earthly plane.

The Pages never only signify one thing. They only appear in a consult after a person has mastered the ability to handle more than one delicate or emotionally

charged situation at a time. For example, take the Page of Cups. This represents the transition from the foundational aspects represented by the Ace through the Ten of Cups to the higher aspects of developing grand love, based on the true love that it has already taken considerable effort to not only to achieve but maintain. This shows us two individual efforts becoming one single greater effort.

On a deeper level, it is a card of Introspection; of taking a long hard look at one's past actions, efforts, and desires. This allows a person to reflect before continuing along a particular path if this is indeed the right or true path forward.

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I just want know if I will be getting work anytime soon. I have my 3-year-old granddaughter who only has me to care for her. Will I be able to be here for her? Thank you.

Sad grandma --Tania R

Blessings dear Tania and thank you for allowing me to do a reading for you today. Don't be fearful. Don't be worried. Look back and see who you really are. I see you a woman of talent, strength and faith. You've come through a multitude of hardships in your life. And you've survived each and every challenge that has come before you. You will be getting work soon if you haven't already because I see your value and what you contribute to any company you choose to work with. You have a natural gift for problem solving, for quickly looking at a problem and providing a solution. You have a gift for doing many things at the same time, so you are very multi-tasked. See your strength always and the job will come to you. Remember who you are and what you contribute to the world as a light, and what you give to your dear granddaughter.

This child is with you because you are the best person to raise her and the one who will help her survive in this world. Because of you she will be educated and wise, and will not go down the same path as her parents. This child is a joy of your heart, your purpose and because of her, your health and everything else will get better. Don't be sad -- instead, change your mind and put yourself into a state of gratitude. What you have right now, from what I see, are blessings and little bits of joy in each day of your life right now. I see family hardships and conflicts have brought you down in spirit and even in health. But you will survive and overcome as you always do. You already made it through the worst and the best is yet to come. Stay faithful and meditate seeing the job coming to you! Focus on the good things you have now and more will come. I see a new job by mid-Jan if not sooner. God bless you and your family, my prayers for your happiness and success are with you.

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