Tarot Card Meaning: The Ten of Cups

Written By Expert Billy All In The Cards

The Tarot card suit of Cups deals directly with true love and emotions. The Tens of all the suits deal with cycles and changes in regard to the efforts represented by the individual suit. Hence the Ten of Cups Tarot card deals directly with cycles and changes in regards to love and emotions. From a foundational viewpoint this means it encompasses all the steps of the preceding cards, Ace through Nine. Anyone who has ever struggled to do ONE thing right can understand the effort it takes to do NINE things correctly… and keep them together long enough to get to the point where something more can be created from the effort.

When The Ten of Cups shows up in a consult it represents that effort having been achieved. If it shows up in the foundational positions it means that those efforts will now become the second level of development reaping the rewards for said effort.

However, when the Ten of Cups shows up reversed in a consult it can denote a reversal of fortune in regards to love and emotions; the end of the relationship or changes which denote that things will not continue as they had in the past.

Regardless, when the Ten of Cups shows up in a Tarot consult it represents a HUGE effort to even have achieved it, and signifies, to me at least, that's it's worth trying to make the most of your effort regardless of the situation.

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Ask Cristina!

Dear Cristina,

I left my mentally abusive husband last year. I moved in with my mum with my 18-year-old daughter. Mom has given me until Christmas this year to get myself sorted and a deposit saved for a house. However, just of late she is being quite forceful about how much I am saving and she doesn't want the guy I have been seeing to be at the house whilst she is home! I am trying really hard to keep the peace but feel like I am being pulled in two different directions. Will I be able to buy my own home at year's end? As well, will things be good between this guy and I?

Thanks - Karyn W

Blessings Karyn,

It's a good thing you were able to leave your abusive husband, but I see the current boyfriend may have few controlling traits and abusive traits that will come up later this year. He seems much different than your ex-husband, but I see the relationship is relatively new and as the months come along you may find that he's not what you wanted or expected in your life. So to answer your last question, I don't see him around for life.

In some ways your mother is correct as she doesn't want anyone new in the home. She just doesn't want a lot of comings and goings with your boyfriend. She is happy to help you and your daughter but just doesn't want her privacy infringed with all the comings and goings. So if the house is hers or she has been paying rent etc., then it's good to respect her wishes and not have your boyfriend there. If he is insisting that he needs to be in the house with you both or while your daughter is there and is pulling you in a different direction like you say, then it's a bit controlling. A man who is really into you will step aside, respect your mother's wishes and take his time helping you find a home or place to live.

The great news is, yes you'll be able to buy your own home by year's end. I see you buying by yourself without the help of anyone. The best news is that although you like this guy, you won't meet your lifetime partner for at least three years. However he will be the right guy, one who doesn't pull you in different directions and try to control you, but one who honestly loves you.

This question really deserves a real in-depth reading due to the complexities of your relationships.

You may either contact me, or any one of our spiritual intuitives/psychics at LivePerson/Kasamba. A reading could help you see your way more clearly. Goddess blessings, namaste.

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