Tarot Card Meaning: The Ten of Cups

Written By Expert Billy All In The Cards

As a card of the Suit of Wands, the Eight of Wands represents messages regarding both work and love traveling quickly. The eights of all the suits are signified by the Strength card of the Major Arcana, hence it also represents the inner strength of the interaction or situation. When the Eight of Wands shows up in a consult, it represents communication in a fast if not hasty way. Often it denotes texts, emails, or voicemails between two people -- any message that travels quickly.
From a foundational standpoint, the Eight of Wands shows us a nearly finished process, with the Nine showing us completion, the Ten showing us a cycle and change to a higher level, unattainable until the earlier levels have been achieved correctly. Reversed in a consult, the Eight of Wands shows us misunderstandings in communication between two people, just as quickly.

When you combine the deeper meaning of inner strength with those misunderstanding, you begin to understand the true scope of the effects of those misunderstandings which can become huge hurdles that need to be overcome to continue a positive interaction between two or more people. Being a Minor Arcana card, the thing to remember is that this is within the direct control of the people involved in the interaction, so being careful to make sure that both or all sides are clearly understood can help avoid potential conflicts.

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Ask Cristina!

Hi Cristina,

I've read and love your column. I was wondering if you can see any happiness in my future -- not just love, life in general as it's not been that great. I'm a single mum of three kids. They are my life -- I live and breathe for them but they are the only good thing that I've had in my life. I'm just wondering if you can see things easing a bit and me just little bit happy.

Thank you. --Ashley M

Blessings Ashley!

Thank you so much for reading my column and for mentioning it. You are very kind, which shows me your light and who you are in this lifetime and what you are offering the world with your gifts. You get so busy that you forget sometimes how fabulous you are. With three children there is not a lot of time to get out and socialize enough to attract new people in your life. But you are pretty good about making time if you need to. And of course I'm not talking about going to clubs or honky-tonks to find someone, but just having the time to breathe and enjoy your life is key to attracting love into your life.

First, I must say that I see you as a wonderful mother, and your children are growing to be outstanding people because of you. You say they are your life, but you are their radiant example of what love is and because of you they will be great contributors to the community.
You ask if things will ease a bit and if you'll be a little bit happy. I looked at this question and realized that what you have, good health, strength, a wonderful family has made you more than a little bit happy. But I totally understand that you deserve more, an adult companion, someone on your level to enjoy the little joys and pains of life. And that will come in time. I feel you are still healing from a past breakup and working on becoming you again. Life has been hard but you are up for the task and handling it extremely well.

You won't be alone forever, I see you growing old with someone. He will come when you least expect it. But most importantly he will come into your life when you are you again and feeling right with your life such as it is. You put so much love into the world that it is inevitable it comes back to you. Remember gratitude for the love you have now will only bring more real love into your life.

God bless you and your family always. I pray for your continued happiness. XO Namaste

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