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You Didn't Find Me By Chance. Your Intuition Led The Way. World Renowned Intuitive Counselor! Love Specialist! Tarot Mistress! Illuminating, Accurate, Powerful & Amazing! Other Specialties  
About My Services

After being gone since September 2007, it's great to be back! I’ve been away working on other projects. Currently, I still have other business obligations so I am working through Live Person on a part-time basis. I am accepting LIVE Readings by appointment only so please email me if you’d like to schedule a LIVE online chat session or telephone reading. I am offering full email reading and spell casting services as well. Please read my profile and email me if you’re interested. NOTE Regarding LIVE Sessions: You are not charged until a connection is made, the reading is performed and your initial answers are ready to share! And I type at 85 wpm to not waste your time! Check feedback! I'm efficient, quick and accurate!

Fast, accurate, high quality, in-depth psychic intuitive readings and love counseling from an honest, ethical world renowned adviser! Described by fellow psychics as an extraordinarily accurate, phenomenal reader! ~~~ I can find a solution to any problem and properly advise you on any matter!~~~ Welcome! I'm AUTUMN MIST, one of Live Person’s top experts and one of the most respected spiritual counselors in the business. It's an honor and pleasure to serve you. ~~~ Respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental treatment is what you will receive from me. My goal is for you to experience the most powerful, illuminating and a fully accurate session you've ever had . . . And to make you feel much better after the session than before it! With strong and insightful intuition and other natural gifts, I could assist you in all your needs. I have a Super Sensitive Ability to delve into the hearts of others to reveal secrets, emotions, intentions, thoughts, motives, desires and more. This is due to my deep empathic talents. I will thoroughly answer all your questions regarding past and present situations and guide and direct you toward future decisions. My approach is very unique and refreshing. I'm a down-to-earth, no nonsense psychic adviser who will tell it to you straight. I believe facing the truth in all matters will save you heartache and wasted time. So if I see an irresolvable situation, I will certainly tell you. If I see a salvageable situation, I will advise you on your options without giving you ridiculous, false predictions that will disappoint or confuse you. Either way, you will leave the reading renewed and recharged. And I'm excellent with names, dates and descriptions. ********** SPELL CASTING SERVICES: I have been working with magick for the last 28 years (since my very early teens). I’m one of the world’s top professional spell casters, and my success rate is among the highest in the business. I specialize in Love Spells but could help you with any matter. More information regarding my spell casting qualifications are in the “Experience” section below. ***********Note: No psychic is 100 percent accurate. Claims of such are fraudulent. Future predictions are based upon present energy and are subject to change by will. They should be used as a guide only! But since most people do view predictions as absolute and are stifled, enslaved and restricted by future predictions, I reserve the right NOT to predict the future but to advise you on your best course of action and/or show you your options based on possible choices. THIS promotes independence and empowers clients! False prediction promotes limitations and psychic dependency! Live Sessions by appointment only! Please email me to schedule.

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Experience & Qualifications

I’m a devout Celtic Catholic. I have several years experience working as a professional tarot reader, love specialist, animal communicator and intuitive counselor. I've been professionally tested and certified authentic in five psychic areas. I own a successful online practice, and I’ve trademarked/patent an incredible, refreshing, unique way of “spell casting”. I am founder of Sacred Chants Spell Casting Society, the first and only spell casting organization for professional, ethical magickal practitioners. Further, I recently finished writing a full-length book on spell casting that has been submitted to the world’s top New Age publishing company. I’ve descended from several centuries of Provincial and High Irish Royalty (all verifiable). I'm highly respected in this field for ethics, honesty and accuracy. And I have thousands of clients worldwide. I’m honored to be a part of LivePerson. And remember, all calls start free of charge! I don't ask you to hire until I've thoroughly connected to your situation, read on the matter and gathered your initial answers! Copyright 2009 Page Last Updated January 31, 2009


Graduated College Cum Laude, 1989; SOUL Clinic License for Spiritual Counseling, 2000; Doctor of Divinity/Ordained ULC; International High IQ Society; Founder Sacred Chants Spell Casting Society; Published Author