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In all reads, I use tarot cards, my psychic ability and my guide. I connect energetically using first name and birthday. I give every reading 100%. I will deliver the truth in a kind way, both good & bad.  If you are not prepared to hear bad news if it appears, you'll need to find a different adviser.  I must relay the info, and I am only the messenger. I handle all readings gently & with compassion.  I am non-judgemental regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, etc.  I will not judge you,  I'm a quick typist, and good listener.




If the info in the reading turns out to be undesirable, I can discuss with you ways that you can change that outcome by doing things differently.


What you can expect during a reading with me:


LivePerson is now giving the first three minutes of every live chat session free. Upon entering my live chat, we will use this time to become acquainted & I will gather your questions.  I will then prepare my cards & connect.  While I prepare during the first three minutes, I ask that you relax & focus on your questions.  I am easy to talk to, I am a good listener, and my empathic gift allows me to feel the feelings of all involved in the reading,


Next, If there's still time left in "free mode" I will provide you with information regarding the past & present, in regard to your questions.&nbsb;I will NOT provide any part of the future out of hire mode. 


I will detail what the cards show, as well as any information I get from my guide and any visions, & my own intuition.  You may ask questions as we go along, & if at any time you would like to take the reading in a different direction (preferably on the same topic so that I don't have to reshuffle the cards), please speak up!  This is YOUR reading, and I want you to get the most out of it, & cover the topics YOU want to cover.


Once I have provided you with the information, I allow time for clarification so that the reading is thorough.  After the reading, I also allow a quick follow up email for free as long as it is in line with the same topic, and within 24-48 hours of our reading, while the reading is still fresh in my mind.  I only check my mailbox a couple of times a week, so if you require more information sooner, you'll need to contact me in live chat.

Experience & Qualifications


Clairsentience (empathic) - I can feel energy & emotions from other people. Clairvoyant - I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event. Claircognizance (knowing). Visions come from time to time during readings. When this happens I can describe the image in deep detail. LOA - I believe in the law of attraction, and the principles in "The Secret"



I welcome all of my clients, and all new clients, with open arms and look forward to giving my all in your readings.  I am sorry if some of the rules below sound harsh, but they're necessary because of past experiences. I find that most of my clients wouldn't break these rules whether they were posted or not.  However, I have ran into many exceptions on the site, therefore I must post these so that things are clear & fair across the board.


1. I read using the tarot cards, my guide, & my own intuition.  No exceptions.  If this is not acceptable to you (ie: you prefer a reader who does not use cards) please search for a reader who meets your needs.  I do not change my reading style for my clients.



2. I refuse to engage in any "test the psychic" games.  If you are not sure that I have connected, please try a different psychic.


3. No reading is set in stone.  Actions of those involved, as well as free will, can change the outcome of any situation.  If you are unhappy with the information that is given during a reading, ask me for suggestions that you can do to change the path or outcome of the situation.


4. With regard to feedback, please grade me based on my abilities, professionalism, ethics, and the overall reading experience, rather than whether or not the answers given were what you wanted to hear.  I am not being paid to tell you what you want to hear, I am just the messenger, delivering what I am shown.  If you have a problem with your reading experience with me, please contact me via email before leaving a negative comment, and I hope to work out a resolution that is fair to all.


5. NEVER, NEVER provide me with any personal contact information via live chat or email.  I will not contact you off of the liveperson site, & I will not allow you to contact me off of the liveperson site, for any reason what-so-ever.  If this rule is broken...ie: you send me your email address, yahoo ID, or any other personal information for any reason, I will immediately forward that info along with your request to liveperson staff, and you will be permanently blocked from any further contact with me.  Flag Counter



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Please read entire profile before deciding to hire me.  If you are looking for a free reading, please don't waste your time or mine, as I do not answer questions outside of hire mode. Attempts will result in the user being permanently blocked. This includes adding 2 minutes of funding, getting the 3 minutes free initially, then after two minutes in hire mode, clicking out, adding funds and coming back repetitively for 3 more free minutes. Some of you are probably laughing, but believe me, this became an issue within the first week of the new 3 minute rule going into effect. Also, do NOT ask me to lower my per minute rate. Would you be willing to go to work for half of what you are normally paid? Is it ok if your employer gives you less pay?






I have been reading tarot cards for 12 years in my home, and online.  I specialize in relationship readings, love & soulmate readings, & all matters of the heart, but also have extensive experience in career, money, and job readings, as well as psychic tarot readings re: children & family.