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I m a young man from India and have keen interest in unfolding the mysteries of occult. My fields of interest include Astrology, tarot, numerology and Name analisis.
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About My Services

I can provide detailed astrological readings of current issues in your life, love, career, issues related to finances, marriage along with remedies which you can use to solve problems.

Experience & Qualifications

My life has given me the gift of astrology. It came to me when i was in the darkest phase of my life and has been with me right from that time till the moment. My astrological readings will come through LAL KITAB and are accurate. I will try to solve your queries and provide remedies about how the situation can be dealt.These remedies will be simple to perform and effective. All I need from you is your full name, date and time of birth, location of birth and I will bring froth the current situation in best possible way I can. I would humbly request you to trust my knowledge because untill or unless you wont put your faith in me, I wont be able to pen down exactly. Its the old rule of give and take. The more you give me your trust, more will be accuracy on my side. Be assured of privacy of the matter. All the readings will be highly confidential. I also offer the report of analysis of your name along with corrections you can make to spelling of your name to get success and fame. I also have experience of Name analysis. I will be needing your full name, date, place and time of birth and will tell you what your name tells about you and how small corrections in spellings of your name can benfit you. I will provide a report of your current name and what should be the corrections made to it to make your life and personality better. This science is similar to Numerology. Each letter of your name sums to a number and this number tell the basic traits of you personality. A small correction in this number can yield good results.


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