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Abundant blessings, Joy, Peace and Happiness - I may return in the future.
About My Services

I have worked here on Kasamba/Live Person for many years and have encountered so many WONDERFUL people during this time. You know who I am referring to ?

I have always kept my per minute fee reasonable in order to make myself available to everyone, however, the recent changes that Kasamba have made has left me with the feeling that I am being taken advantage of by them as they have become so greedy in the % they now take (close to 70%), I no longer wish them to benefit from my gift - and for those clients who know me, you will also know that goes against everything I believe in.

Balance, Harmony, Fairness and Justice are some of the values I hold dear.

I still have a successful listing on another popular site under the name of “Temple of Athene” and if you Google the name, you will find me.

Abundant blessings to all and wishing you only peace, love and joy. Caroline

Experience & Qualifications

15+ years as a Professional Psychic/Medium. I can connect easily to loved one's who have passed on. Pet Psychic. Master Tarot Reader. Natural Healer with the ability to adjust vibrations. Meditation Teacher and Silva Mind Control graduate.


Silva Graduate, Healer, Mediumship, Tarot, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, Love and relationship expert. Remote Viewing.