Ann Marie Hoff

Specializing in: 

Pet Psychics



Animal Communicator, psychic empath, medium. Can talk to animals on both sides,spirit guides.Medical Intuitve.Fix behavior issues. Find lost pets, train horses. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I talk to your animals thru feelings (empathic), intuitive communication, pictures and information I get from their spirit guides. Very successful results with peeing problems, lost pets, solving behavior issues, eliminating fears. I clear the animals energy so they are brought up to present time which eliminates most fears. Also clear energy & spirits in home that may be bothering you & your pet. God based, work with angels & guides to inform you of your & your pet's higher purpose. Everyone comes with a purpose & they like a job. If you do not give your pet a job, they will create one, and it may be something you do not like. You SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR ANIMALS, MAKE THAT EXPERIENCE OPTIMAL BY KNOWING THEM BETTER. Release your fears/guilt from decisions in health care. Medical Intuitive.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a professional animal psychic for 5 plus years. I work as the animal communicator for the humane society in Tucson, talking to thousands of dogs. I grew up on a dairy/hog farm, having cats as friends before humans. As a child, I had a cat meet me in the barn every school day at 5:30 in a secluded place. Looking back, I have always had a gift. I have had horses since I was 8, and milked cows for 20 years, spending more of my youth with animals than people. I have 2 reserve-world championships in Western Riding with the American Paint Horse Society, and have won numerous awards showing horses- I know the horse show world & can communicate with horses very clearly. Never have had a pet NOT talk to me, even on the other side. Call me & see results!


Masters of Science, Animal Science, Immunology & Nutrition, Univ. of Az., BS Animal Science, & Studio Art, Univ. or Wisc.-Platteville, Certified Medium by Doreen Virtue, Doreen Virtue certified Angel therapy Practioner,