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Ever wonder where professional astrologers and psychics go for THEIR readings?
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First, let's start out by saving you money. BEFORE you press the HIRE button, provide me with your birthday, month, day and year...the time, if possible...and the location(City and State). If your question is about a relationship, then I need their birth information, too. If your question involves lottery or other financial gain, then I would want the birthdays of people who may benefit, as well (Note, what I talked about under Experience and Qualifications, below.) Lastly, tell me your question. Once I have your information, I will set up the charts for interpretation. Then hit the HIRE button and we will proceed. Doing it this way insures that you are not waiting and paying for the time I'm setting up charts. Of course, any questions that arise during the read will continue to be billed until the session is closed. I do not claim to be a psychic. Most people have some varying degrees of intuitive ability. Some are so outstanding that they can be real psychics. But, whether psychic or not, we are all subject to the universe's laws of physics. Therefore, some days, psychics can be excellent and some days not. Every psychic who comes to me has one main question..."Am I reading well today?" in addition to an array of personal questions. There are three reasons they do this...#1) Real Astrology works!! #2) Real Psychics can never read for themselves and #3) They have no control over the impressions they get. You might have a question about a job, while they may get a flash about your dog. When I read a person's chart, it may involve over 1700 aspects...that's right, over 1700. It's that depth of reading that successful people need. This is why J.P. Morgan was quoted as saying.."Millionaires do not believe in Astrology...but Billionaires do.." Quite frankly, you'd be amazed at how many successful politicians secretly have their own astrologers. Even the U.S. Army hired official astrologers. I guarantee this, you will not like everthing I have to say. My advice may go counter to what you "feel" inside. The accuracy of predictions seems to hover around 82%. The fact is, it can't get better than that. Astrology is an evolving science and much is still unknown. Nonetheless, it has made a number of business people very rich and saved thousands of people grief over bad relationships and health and money issues.

Experience & Qualifications

Well, with 27+ years, thousands of charts and predictions later, I feel I'm just getting started. You know, the 2004 presidential election was interesting to me. By looking at Bush's and Kerry's charts, I would defy any astrologer to predict the outcome. But, it was easy to predict Bush's win. The reason is this, Both Bush's and Kerry's charts were so charged with aspects, both positive and negative, that they were both on an adrenalin rush...hey, these people love the fight. But, how was it easy for me to predict who won? Two ways...One, looking at Theresa Heinz chart and Laura Bush's charts for the day after the election. It was obvious...It showed Laura's chart happy and Theresa's very disappointed. 2nd, look at the days following the election. Kerry's was slightly...negative while Bush's was slightly positive, but less so than during election day....As I said...they LOVE the fight. I do the same with lotteries. You can't just look at a single person's chart and make lifetime predictions without looking also at the people who might also be affected. Disclaimer As with any advise, all predictions and advices are within your purview to act upon or not, as you see fit. Advise and predictions are offered as a percentage of probability, but not guaranteed in fact. Therefore, I can, in no way be held responsible for anything that happens...even if you won a million'll just have to keep it. By the way, my chart says I will not win the lottery...but, I buy tickets


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